How Do We…..

Yes how do we, close one chapter and begin another?

A good book, relates too many chapters yet not always do those chapters define the book as a whole. When does it matter? Why does it matter? I think we know.

When lives make no sense any more. When the math doesn’t add up and the congestion on the road to happiness is missing, its time to either close the book or start a new chapter. No more bookmarks, or tabs to mark those pages that used to make sense for us. It may be time to either rewrite the book without suggestion of past events or to take out those chapters that do not pertain to a better future. How many times do we repeat the mistakes of our history? How many times do we use the language of the past to incorporate a better future? It didn’t work then so when will it work now. What we repeat will persist, what we acknowledge fades away.

Round holes, square pegs. Chapters that have no meaning although the author keeps repeating himself. No matter how many times we try it never works. There’s an advantage in discovery. The world is not a pancake, it’s a beautiful vision we have forgotten to see.

I think it’s time to take a breath before speaking, acknowledge that sometimes what we choose to say may not be the right thing to say and when we take that breath hold it in before releasing, we may change our minds. Difference means that there is a space between the thought. That the thought has no control over the action, yet liken to a chapter in a book not yet finished. The author may delete the chapter, change the hero or heroine before moving on to “The End.” Let’s do “Do Diligence” and find the right peg for the right puzzle so it fits. Let’s have faith that the author knows what he is revealing in his chapters so in the end you were happy you read the book.

No more repetition, the brain and the mind are wonderful things if we just give them a chance to show us the way.

Heart to heart, Peace Out.

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