Over Thought

Photo by meo on Pexels.com

Over thinking is over rated. Multi tasking in the mind is like having ADD, even when you don’t.

Whenever we are present there is only one thought in the que, making us ever present to what our thought is. What does this mean, it means simply potential.

Tired of the he said, she said when it’s only you doing the thinking? Try spacing out the thoughts, one in and no other in until the one before no longer exists. Space between, gives you an access to you own undivided attention. No more ADD. It’s a beautiful thing when one thought becomes one complete action without any interference from a ghost thought that sits in the corner and waits until the 11th hour to jump right into your conversation.

Over thinking is like a hurdle that will never be jumped, a river that will never be fed by a creek or a lightbulb without a light switch. One thought builds decisions greater than the ones before, single thinking eliminates the power of group effort especially when the group is in opposition to you.

Lastly, validation is the only answer. If it’s meaning can be defined, intended and validated by “is it real and is it true” then by all means take the thought and run, hurdle and complete it by clicking the accept button otherwise run fast, after you have clicked cancel. Devoting yourself to a quiet moment before you begin again.

Peace out people. Enjoy the night and no over thinking.

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