When do we begin to question the questionable?

Do I have the right to question what another does? Is there any reason not to? If I were on a quest to enlighten myself or others would I want to be questioned? Questionable.

The acts of some may be questionable at best, yet is there is a bigger picture? Do we let it play out as someones quest for knowledge, in whatever form it portraits or do we…., that’s the question. How do we question someone, how do we not judge another for their own improprieties, how can we handle the acceptance of another’s bad taste in answers?

Do I have the right to be wrong? Questionable. How do I learn if I can’t question? Questionable. How do we learn from mistakes made when it involves more than us. One person, one single mistake, is a way to improve oneself, if it’s a singleton’s journey to purpose. One persons decision to improvise their questionable tastes and it involve others, questionable. A quest has a beginning and it has an end. A quest is a journey to enlighten a soul to be of value. It is not a contest of bigger chests.

Why do I quest for a question? Questionable. Why do I care? I care because I do. I don’t believe in being a shame’r. I don’t do blaming if I can somehow understand the root of the behaviour. I try to be in acceptance because I may be wrong. Judgement is for the insane, not my thing. I would like truth to ring true, to hear the story for all its worth and understand that the quest was for the right reasons because the ending is worthy of the author.

No answer can come from my quest and for me that in itself is questionable. It will play out as it does and then the question will always be answered. That is undeniable.

Peace out and tonight I am humble.

2 thoughts on “Questionable

  1. It’s unfortunate, but humanity only starts to question the questionable, after the fallout is disasterous. It is after all, the human way – the blind leading the blind!


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