My First

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Today I attended my first AGM. The idea of having an association is odd for me as I have always either lived in a home or rented. I really never thought about it even when I purchased the condo and here I am telling you what went down.

I decided to have a talk with myself first then initiated the conversation for two with my partner. We had things we wanted to discuss, votes to pass and neither of really wanted to participate. The idea of having to vote on what most of us take for granted when you own a house sounds absurd to me because I just can’t wrap my head around the idea. I knew I needed to go, first off, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to speak my truth and secondly I wanted to lay the ground for future possibilities. My partner and I shook hands knuckle bumped and made a pack to keep each other in the zone.

Whatever possibilities could occur we had a voice and would use it to make sure we wouldn’t be in the dark. Living on the outside of the building we access our own door making some of our priorities different. We wanted to have a vote on a bigger dog and allowing a cat. Neither are tolerated inside the main building. When the rules were first implemented only one person lived here, (I know sounds like a joke) and he had the sole ability to make the judgment call on what he wanted. So now we stand a few more and we all want to voice our opinion. I could say we are about to gang up on him yet I wouldn’t say that. LOL

The meeting took place upstairs at someone place, I liked the idea that I could also see how the other half lived. It was a fun situation taking me back to school when you met the teacher and other students for the first time. Who would you like and who would you choose to ignore. I could only acknowledge the fact we were the youngest there and was that a deterrent to any postistive outcome.

Round the table we all went with introductions. Next came the agenda and business. I held my mouth shut and listened, no sense starting anything and I had my backup sitting next to me which was a pinch if I got out of hand. It was like sitting in the Senate trying to pass a bill in which I was in the minority. Again round we went with the new business on the menu, was it time for drinks, sugar, coffee, I’m not sure I wanted to have these conversations with caffeine, alcohol or too much energy running the show.

It went well, knowing who I’m up against is good for the great debater. I said my peace got my idea across and the possibility of the things I may need it the future. I also came home with the idea that I may sell and get a single home where every decision made is my choice, my delivery my vote alone. Well that too may be a discussion from the other half of the whole. As the door closed and we ran giggling down the stairs and out the front door we paused for a breath of fresh air. Around the corner we were home safe and sound and ready to tackle another day. I learned team work does happen and sometimes being on the same page helps one avoid the controversy that sometimes can erupt.

Another day in the life of me. Peace out.

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