Are We Done Yet?

Are we done yet? I mean are we really done yet?

I want to get back to living and not accessing, I want to wander back down the beach with not a care in the world, without a conversation about this or that, if you know what I mean. Yada Yada is all I hear. “Coffee?” “No, have to stay connected to the news!” “Really?”

Let’s head down to the beach and finish the driftwood lean to we started? Maybe if I told you it’s our new bomb shelter you would say yes. I’m so done, done like TV dinners. No more tv time, no more cell phone info at the table, gee look at your plate supper is getting cold. Did you know if we never use our tongues they will just drop out of our mouths? I want to get back to reality. The days of paying bills, choosing clothes and boring gossip that filled my ears way too much. I want to have less time for tv, no chance to catch the interviews and breaking news that block the programs I do like to watch. I want to get the hell out of Dodge. You think this was the wild Wild West once more.

I could stand here all day and give my point of view, that being a waterfront with the ferry going by. I still have the lean to waiting to be finished, oh wait, nope too late the tide just took it away. Just like my freedom to tell the news people to F…ck off and give us some truth. There are animals dying in another country, do we care? There are earthquakes and people without hydro, do we care? There is obesity that is killing our children, do we care?

This is the reality I think we are neglecting. This is the cycle I would like to break. In fact if anyone wants an earful come on down and I will take you to the beach and we can fill our ears with sand, jump into the ocean and let the star fish tickle our feet. No tv, no news no care in the world except for one brief minute we once again feel alive and in love with our selves.

Peace out and have a good night.

p.s. at least tonight I can avoid the news because we have hockey to watch.

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