The Learning Curve

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Learning curves sometimes send you spinning like curve balls. I’m always amazed when I see a pitcher throw one and you hear “Strike”

Learning curves in life of course are so different. These little annoyances come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I have 10 fingers and just about as many curve balls today. What one does with a learning curve is, well I guess learn. Learning though is not like swinging a bat and then going to tomorrows practice, having one curve ball after another come at you. Life’s learning curves are never understood. They are never anticipated or given in warning. Sometimes you may understand the concept and other times you may be asked, how many times you banged your head trying to figure them out.

Today could have been a day that if I could have maybe I should have never woke up. Not dead kind of not wake up but sleep the learning day away in hopes that the next day it went to the back of the line. It’s night now and I can sit back and reminisce about the day. I can shake my head in wonder of how I got through it and to also acknowledge that next time the learning is not the learner. I don’t think I need to bother you with a long line up of innings although I can give you the wrap up and summary.

I happen to have a condo, about 900 square feet and we have 4 bikes, (All needed for different activities). One bedroom no storage for my unit and although it’s a great space the quest is what does one do? We had them on the ground and up in the air hanging like pictures. It seems we have been moving in for months because this hadn’t been solved. I decided today was the day when I opened my eyes , that once and for all it would be figured out. So coffee in hand, partner lagging behind, I began. We moved the bed from place to place took the bikes off the walls and tried. We agreed and sat, whimpered and argued. Yet we are still alive. We decided to keep them down rearrange the room and find the answer another day. Both of us learned that this curve ball was a great place to debate and to sense what another wanted. That was only the beginning. The rest was for me and like I said I will skip the line and end my story with “last but not least”. I was notified today that I am as good as celiac as anyone can be my sensitivity level is like 99%. (Great, I know and have known yet to get the paperwork it is another curve ball).

So tonights homework is to figure it out. It’s not that I have to start at first base because I am already wheat free and mostly dairy, (I’m lactose too). Gee, talk about functionality, I guess they missed me completely when certain bodily functions were put in place. So internet here I come. We are sitting next to each other, hockey on in the background, no more news, and each searching out the days events. He for a bike stand that will incorporate the bikes and me on recipes for junk food days that are gluten and dairy free. Still smiling and whole in heart learning curves sometimes are of value.

Feel free to send me recipes or bike stands if you want all is appreciated. Peace out people and let those learning curves come but be sure you practice the hit and make it a home run.

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