No Accident

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If there are no mistakes and no accidents then how do I explain it. How does one define probability when it looks like a coincidence. Can we measure something called serendipity by a mathematical equation? Do we just believe.

I don’t seem to have an argument when it comes to explaining how things happen, they just do. So when it comes to the explaining of “there are no mistakes” and it involves something undeniable then how can I say “there are no accidents?

Accidents happen, mistakes are made, I believe that to be a correct statement. Yet to say there is always a reason and that reason being a little on the extraordinary it is not that easy to just shrug it off as” meant to be”. If today were any other day then it would be no mistake that today is today. One is the moment or in “the Now” then it has reason to be believed. Then again if an experience has happened and it’s unbelievable how can I believe? How can I say it happened for a reason?

My reason for bringing this up is arbitrary yet as I say it and then put an action to it, I have found it takes the wind out of the action. You cannot judge, blame or shame another for something meant to happen. If something happened and you believed it happened because there are “no accidents” then it kinda makes it a forward thought. It becomes acceptable and in the process workout-able. We can work on things that are not mistakes, we have to don’t we?

I wake up and see the weather inclement, of course it’s not a mistake even if the weatherman got it wrong. If someone starts a war and it’s said to be no mistake or accident then I would have to take it to another level of thought and find reason for it. There are reasonable explanations, there also is the higher power that does it for our own good. Maybe we just need to start excepting that what is in front of our noses is there to make us aware.

Can we do better? I would hope so. Can we move forward even in times of stalemates? I would hope so. I would hope that on any day when someone of us is faced with a decision and takes the stance that “this is no accident, or mistake” we would have to really think about why. Why not have the patience to understand in a little understood world.

I will not take for granted my accidents, when they may make me think deeper, be more conscious and acknowledge that things are for a reason even if I don’t yet understand.

I choose to live in the moment that something happens, strange or not, take into consideration the process of acknowledging the possibilities for growth and be forward in my thinking. We are small in the bigness of our universe. We are just one link in the chain of command and to survive is up to us.

Peace out and it’s cold outside.

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