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Can you hear the quiet? The snow makes no sound, no noise, not a minute amount of interference. I wish that my mind could understand the concept of no sound. I find that not a lot of people get snow. Not a lot get rain either but snow is frightening, it interferes with the day, the time and the appointments. Even if you have nothing going on it takes you to the misery theatre where you dress for cold, get out the shovel and plow away in frustration. There are no snowmen, no snow angels in an adults world theres only snow finger. It’s peaceful outside. It’s the present moment when you can engage in your most inner thoughts, head down, all bundled up getting to where you are going. You can wander down memory lane, make decisions that have been put off and ignore the people whom you may run into because, “Oh sorry I didn’t see you.”

This is the second day of snow here. From what I understand the weatherman apologized. No snow was predicted here. It’s cold, the snow is fluffy and I’m always in amazement of how beautiful it is. It is clarity for my eyes, tickles for my nose and something for my shoes to kick in delight.

I got outside and took a walk through the neighbourhood. Waved at the people, even the grumpy ones. Conversed with others who didn’t even mention politics today. Everyone had the snow to complain about. Not a lot of wanderers out today. Most were running for buses or huddled in coffeeshops. Some were in the park with kids and toboggans in tow and I smiled.

What a day to get away and still be here. Now it’s time to come back to reality. I came home to a loud house, CNN on in the background, and hunger in the eyes of all I came home too. I love my life. I hope you love yours too. Whatever the weather, whatever the choices, embrace some joy and dance.

Peace Out.

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