When In Doubt Bird Watch

ItPhoto by Philippe Donn on Pexels.com

Theres a party going on outside. Through the window I can see a gathering commence. One by one they fly in, nestle down on a ledge and wait. What are they waiting for I wonder? Some drop down onto the Buddha head and perch, others find a branch of a low hanging tree and seem too look directly into the window. Am I the caterer, the seed guy? Maybe they think theres another party inside as they can see their reflection on the pane of glass. More flock down, some red, some brown, some with more black on their wings. I wish I knew bird language maybe I’d be able to find out why they are celebrating.

Someone opens the door and they all fly up in unison. they swirl around and once again landing in different places. The gathering about to commence one starts to sing and they all join in. One by one hopping closer to the window looking in to see if anyone is home. Did I feed them today?

I see the party is about to become diversified. There are 2 black squirrels dancing about to the music the birds are making. We place hidden nuts inside the cement lions on the deck and they are playing hide and seek. The birds are too busy with their own gossip they don’t seem to mind.

My mind is wandering about as I watch and write at the same time. One eye on the screen and one on the scene outside. It’s getting late and I wonder how late they will stay. Will they keep going after dark or is there such a thing as bird curfew? I guess I will find out. Bird watching is a great distraction from the normal, every day multi tasking of the mind. It makes one realize what really is important and is over thinking really a good choice.

So it’s peace out and I will continue to watch the birds until they turn out the lights and find a better place to go until the sun shines again.

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