What’s in a Smile

What’s in a smile. Today I found out that a smile is truly a smile. Sometimes laughter has our mouths open, teeth bared and joy in our hearts. Sometimes a wide grin can replace the thought of fear or possibly an indecision turning it into a remedy for a better way. Sometimes we just need to bare it all and smile in whatever way we want. Smiling foils the thief, lips pursed upwards can change an attitude in a moments time and if you giggle in return of that smile well guts can wrench and even pain can temporarily be replaced.

Today I had a crooked smile. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to show my true self. Yet somehow I don’t remember telling myself to be numb to the joy that life brings. I ate a nut, why I ate a nut I’m not sure but I ate one. Now I know nuts are good for me, healthy alternatives to other snacks and I also know that I just shouldn’t have had one. Well maybe one but not the handful I had. You see right in the middle of a joke I took a large bite of a Brazil nut and cracked my front tooth. Saturday night tooth fright. Sunday would have to be a what to do about it day and for sure I will wait until tomorrow to call the dentist. As days go so has mine. Wasn’t sure how I could pull off a hockey game and not smile, not shout, not cheer on the team I was about to see play. There were people I knew, people I didn’t and children running all about. Funny though I forgot all about my cracked front tooth.

We cheered, so did I, we smiled and so did I. I forgot I had a cracked tooth and maybe if others saw it they maybe thought I did it playing a sport. I’m always out doing something. I came home and looked in the mirror reminding myself that I looked different. Funny though how that works because I actually thought I looked ok. So the heck with a closed mouth, a sloppy sad face. Bring on the joy and the laughter. Show me the smiles and the grins. I like me whatever I look like, at any time I look alike. I’m just thankful It doesn’t hurt.

Another day to say peace out. Peace Out.

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