Note To Myself

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Note to myself: Making lists, writing notes, texting myself messages, is there that much to do that I can’t remember. I’m always reminding myself of something. Where am I going today? What am I suppose to get from the store, who am I? All notes written to me at some time or another are becoming useless and overwhelming. Notes, messages, reminders, be here, do that, when does it end. Although I do need to remind myself not to watch tv anymore. I think every time the “breaking news” comes on I will head to the kitchen and binge on baking cookies.

Note to myself: remind the reminder that the mind is a gift not often used anymore. The memory is a great place to store, dispose of and utilize information on a short or long term basis. I think I will send the person responsible for post it notes a nasty letter. Ask them why they created a reminder not use your own memory.

Note to myself: Tell the kids to help me remind myself. We teach our children well then when they get older we hand them a pack of post it notes to remind them that they don’t really need their memory after all. I need to be good to myself and clean out my office drawer, throw away all the scraps of paper and start to use my brain. Trying something new may work and that’s not sending myself an email either.

Note to myself: Stop writing notes, sending yourself messages. Try using your memory instead.

Note to myself, send yourself a memo to not write another note. Try baking cookies instead and that’s a story for another rainy night.

Peace out and enjoy the evening.

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