Friday Night….

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Channel surfing anyone? What’s on? What’s going on, or maybe, do I even want to know?

I’m so done with cable news, so done with our governments interpretation of a daytime soap opera. “As the World Turns” has finally turned my stomach into a volcano of do I hold it in or do I throw it all up. Anyone up for reruns of the Soprano’s?

Thank God for sports. The NHL couldn’t have timed it better with the All Star competition, something to free my mind. Friday night and I got no fight left in me so why not make some popcorn and watch some pucks fly. We all stand together for hockey, no one cares if your republican or democrat. I see a lot of brotherly love instead and you know it’s entertaining. There’s men trying to hit a puck from the grandstands and an all star woman’s game that make us stand up and cheer. I’m stuck here on this planet but I’m not stagnant when it comes to Entertainment Tonight and I thought I’d be bored.

What’s on next? Well not CNN but I could watch amazing dogs or Gordon Ramsey 24 hour makeover. I can forget about all the B.S. in the world, the rain outside and how I really don’t want to get up at 6am on a Saturday to be a sports mom. How many things can I run to in a day? Well, let me count the ways!

There’s a few of us tonight gathered in my living room. A few of us tired of the same old news, the same old day dreams, the same boring game. We are here together in a night of laughter as we watch the Friday Night Hockey fights, the pucks flying and the crowds cheering. Who needs the daily forecast of “I Don’t Give A Damn” anymore. The weather man telling me he’s going to rain on my weekend or the after Christmas bills come due. I’m free to be, I’m even free”r to determine my joy and to have faith in the tomorrows that will come. The Friday Nights that will change me as I channel surf the latest and greatest new shows.

It’s Friday people and I’m still here. So chill out, leave your problems at the door and turn on, tune in and be free to feel the wind at your feet as you fly into your joy. Peace out.

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