From The Mouths Of Children

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Ah yes from the mouths of children we learn. From the mouths of children we address the concerns of the innocent. From the mouths of children we earn the truth of our ways.

Children see more than we do, they seem to have that “spidey” sense when it comes to a better reality than the adults do. What happens when we grow “up”?

From the mouths of children we hear a singing than softly effects our affectedness as grown”up”s. What’s up in their world is very different than “what’s up” in ours. Our venue is win or loose. Our conversations is better than. When a child climbs a mountain it’s for the present of being present, for us its who’s top dog. When will we learn that learning comes from being and not doing.

Through the mouths of children we get meaning and worth, not the caring indulgence of a larger than life attitude. Play money is for the game of monopoly and children cannot be bothered with the monopolizing of companies or countries. Children talk through laughter and conversation, they believe in equality in life and living. Can you remember a time when we just did and not done for entitlement?

Today I watched through the eyes of adult men being bullies. Men without consciousness trying to pull the wool over, the eyes of the nation. Men and women whose job it is to have a conscious, to be of equal value and all I saw was “lier lier pants on fire.” From the mouth of children I heard that’s boring please change the channel. When I tried to explain to them what was going on they were quiet for moment and then questioned why they can’t get along. They told me that if they, being the men, were in their school they’d have to do more homework or go clean up paper on the playground. They wouldn’t be allowed to have play time and the last words were “that’s not very nice.” When children talk we should listen. When they speak we could stop our own bickering and take a pause. Maybe we would be enlightened. Maybe through the minds of children we could hear the answer.

“Telling the truth is the only way.”

Peace out and don’t forget to tell someone you love them.

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