Winter Madness

Photo by Stephan Seeber on

Winter brings calm, winter can bring clarity to ones emotions and winter can be a reset for nature. Winter is beautiful, it is cold and it is frozen. Winter is for ice skates, hot chocolate and snow… until it’s not. Winter can also make you feel restless, it can confine you in small spaces and it can be a burden on your emotional setting.

Winter Madness, it comes on slowly, quietly and with resilience. It moves in like a fox beneath mounds of snow then like an avalanche it suffocates you underneath its weight. Months of solitude in which meditation can’t heal, slow in motion it takes forever to resolve. Your thoughts start to circle like a feed back loop in which the information goes no where and there you sit. Heat turned up, blankets on the couches, fires blazing and no where to go. House bound by city streets filled with ice and drivers who should have stayed home. Screaming children who too have had enough of snow days in which there is nothing to do and the soul of the sole person as she heads to drown her misery in a hot bath.

Madness into cabin fever. The wait for Spring has begun in it’s own solitude. Our eyes look to the skies for blue instead of grey, our voices beat upon the volume of echos for the weather to “Hurry Up” and get warm. We are tired of heavy coats and heavy hearts, Doubled socks and hand warmers. Bring on the rain, the wind and the glaze heralding the coming of Salvation. Small little green entities begin to pop their heads out of the ground and as we notice our mouths pick up in a smile. We tell Mother Nature to send in the needed warmth of a Spring Day and not the old chilling cold of yesterday.

Winter, madness, common colds, missing work and school due to fever and flu and then when all you want is a good movie to heal you, you get the news. Never ending dumps of drama and procrastination. A he said she said dopey dump of manure. So when in doubt turn on the oven and bake, bake bake. No reason to worry about calories when you wear 3 layers of clothing.

I will give in but I will never give up. I will let the madness move through me like a bad headache and move out when Spring comes. I can see it, I can feel it and I can endure. The Ides of March will soon be upon us and then…. we will complain about the heat, hot temperatures and no rain. Madness is our own mentality when we all know Mother Nature knows her job and we should just find something to be happy about as the seasons roll along.

Peace out and good night.

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