Winners And Losers

lest we forget
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Winning and loosing, win, loose, winners and losers. Control, entitlement, struggle and fear. I win and you loose. What did you win, what did the other loose? Did it change your mind any? How about give you consciousness? Was it liberating, maybe felt good. Maybe you were the loser. Did it make you feel a lot smaller? Stupid, stepped on, comes to mind when you are made to look bad. What do you want to do about it? The new norm is no Winner, no loser just meet me in the middle. Oh wait that’s called mediation. Shake hands and both win, walk away and start over and there are no losers.

It would look pretty silly if our right hand always fought the left. What if our brain didn’t get along? The left brain always wanted to dominate and ended up killing off the right brain. A world without creativity, a planet of black and white, no crayola rainbows. The right foot always over stepping the left foot and it’s called “tripping.”

The big “W” would be better off if the “W” meant Wonder. And the sign on the forehead with the “L” should stand for Love.

Time to stop the madness, the aggravation of wanting to always win over the opposite side. Fingers are meant to be a part of the hand. The hand is involved with the arm and the arm is one side of the whole “BODY.” We belong together and not always siding with one half of this whole.

Free speech, everybody counts and because there are no winners or losers we are “All for one and one for all.”

Peace out and have a good weekend.


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Hey, if you walk in a circle where do we go? Do we walk forward and backwards at the same time? Are circles just straight lines that have decided to bend a little or bend a lot? Can we turn a square into a circle by rounding out the corners or how about take that circle and push it outwards and call it a square.

Our times are complicated. Nothing is as it seems to be. There’s no straight lines, right or left turns or beginnings and endings. We never go from A to B anymore and what happened to the content page where we could find out where we could go to find the answers. Endings come before beginnings, mazes have no reason to be finished and where the hell did the stop signs go? We are running without understanding why we are running or where we are running to. Our minds are not made up anymore it just gets dizzy. Circles never get us anywhere straight lines have a start line but never seems to be measured or kept in check. When was the last time you did points on a graph? Pointless because no one wants to follow any rules. garbage bags full of stuff, all kinds of left over good news and reality checks all thrown away and discarded without being checked.

Is there a “Hell in a Hand Basket?” If there is we are all in one. Why do we make rules, follow recipes and have people in charge when no one seems to remember how. Weights and measures who cares, we should. One day the return lane will be full of broken promises and the complaint line even longer because someone forgot to hire someone to listen.

No more crying Wolf, he’s come and gone and eaten up his fill. Where will he show up next? One thing for sure we never know what has happened while we were asleep, it all still amazes me that the world still stands, that we do exist and that life is not an anomaly.

Be brave, stand up for what is right because one day we will find out the world has come to an end and we have missed the bus to freedom. Peace Out.

Tick Tock (again)

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Tick Tock, Tick tock, tick tock and the clock strikes the tone of the hour.

Tick, tock, beware the chiming of the times ahead as they show us this minute where the hour will stop. Alarm bells go off where the time has been set and it’s past due. Someone forgot to set the alarm and we have all slept in. Now what? Tick tock better get on it before it’s too late. What time is it? Is anyone aware of the hour, the minute or the second? Someone must have noticed time has begun to run backwards? History in the making, or remaking which one is it, tick tock, tick tock. Time has slowed down so we can catch up yet I see no one running. We are about to be exposed to all the bells, in all the clocks to ding “done” all at one time.

Someone let the clock stop. The pendulum isn’t moving. My watch looks broken so I can’t even help. Ask someone the time and they won’t know either because we are all living in the past. Ask me yesterday about the tomorrows to come and I can only open the book to read to you about what history did. Repeat it and you can never go wrong. Take the clock and wind it backwards and you will eventually get the right number but not the right day. Been there, done that so why are we setting ourselves up for the clock to stop before it’s meant to chime.

Tick tock, get ready. Tick tock, get set, Tick tock, go. Yes, you were suppose to go, get moving make a new moment for yourself. Not a moment based on the past, but on the present moment when you look down and see the time is right.

Peace Out and Behave. BE a better self and Become the future.

Done….(like dinner)

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Done. What does that mean? Whats done? As in dinner, or as in you, me or the world? When do we know? How do we know? In what context does “done” represent?

I may say I’m done. You may say it too. Is it the me that’s feeling done, as in completion of…? Or is it something more that I know yet just can’t wrap my head around. I do know when I am aware of it yet life is way more complicated than that. Life is not simple and being done is never something that minimal. Done is more than its definition. It’s more that the sequence of events that could point you in that direction. It’s the very stop sign that stands tall and upright, right in front of your face. Sometimes done is invisible. Sometimes it wears clothing it doesn’t represent and sometimes it just is.

Done like dinner and yet we even screw that up. How many times are we done and we never act on it, change the channel or pull dinner out of the oven when we are meant to. We are, creatures of habit. We are over achievers. We can’t seem to get it when the plate is empty and it’s meant to stay empty, not to be filled again with same out stuff. Over and over we go round the Mulberry bush, singing rhymes of yesterday.

Say done, when you mean it. Say done when it’s time to let go. Say done when you can’t seem to get it and the repetition is too much for you to handle. There is no regret in being done. There is no fear in deciding to be done and when you’re done it’s time to stand up, walk away from the table and be done. Sometimes that Mulberry bush needs to be uprooted and replaced with a bed of flowers, something more appreciative and sensed.

Do nothing and everything is done for you is nice to say yet if you don’t ever get off the fence….? “Pete and repeat sat on a fence, Pete fell off, now who was left?” You know the rif and that’s what we do all the time repeat the old, outdated over done dinners we have served ourselves for ages. It’s time for difference.

Peace Out and if your in British Columbia like me Happy Family Day.

Ducks In A Row

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Ducks in a row, see how they go, those ducks in a row.

My ducks seem to be in a row. They march to my beat, beating the pavement waiting for a chance to cross the street. Maybe they want to cut and run, maybe someday they will yet today they seem to want to show me the parade. Waddle, waddle, waddle, left, right, left. Doesn’t take long for those ducks to take up the cause, be right not wrong because wrong is just road kill. Ducks in a row, who came up with that and what is the persuasion, when it comes to understanding choice? When the ducks are in a row you are aligned to a higher intention. Someone “up there” is making their objective known. Go here, do that, be aware. All in free choice we do or we don’t. When we do it may all go as planed and when we don’t “oh well” should of, could of would of, if only I had.”

Swallowing our pride, behaving, compromising could be ducks in a row. Having the right intention, believing in yourself and seeing it as truth, are other insightful ways. Ducks out of alignment means something in not right. “I’m going to do it anyways,” “One less duck doesn’t mean anything,” and those that dare say “who cares.” Ducks won’t stand still long while the mind makes its decision. Decision is movement, it’s taking up the challenge to cross the street because what is on the other side is so worth it.

So ducks in a row, what does it mean? Due diligence, is in order. See the cross walk, the crossing guard and watch for those little suckers because they will cross right in front of you. Sometimes you may be aware and stop in time and those are right decisions and sometime the focus is on somewhere else and then its “the end” for the reason it all began.

Spring is for hatching new ideas. Spring is for new little ducklings, all in a row, following the one in front who follows another. Marching along the Ides of March are soon upon us, be prepared. Stop when you need to, make better decisions based on truth and avoid those dark nights when those ducks may not know any better than to walk out in front of you.

When your ducks become a row, you are a winner.

Peace out and you are all my valentine.


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Needed to unplug, so I did. I felt like I was drowning so I pulled the plug, letting the water drain out. I might of over loaded the socket, there were too many plugs trying to vi for the energy. No imput means no output, The information is kinda stuck somewhere in virtual space, I think I just needed the space to think about nothing.

When I thought about it, I decided to look at the wires and they were frayed, starting to splice apart. I knew then to unplug was a wise thing to do, I had no memories worth having memories over. Some days unplugging means going to the box and just turning it off at the source. Complete download, nothing better than darkness and silence. Moods are touchy, you can feel the vibes as you hold the plug up to the receptor, it wants in.

Unplug, unwind, reel in the cords and don’t look back. Don’t let the prongs tell you to go back and plug them back in. They want the electricity to course threw their veins and input gets jobs done. Like blood through the veins power cords send the information offloading it and hopefully more effectively. I will not put my finger directly into the socket, that means overload and lights out. I just needed to unplug, find a little peace and tranquility, practice non communication and silence. I rolled up the cords, put the socket placements in it’s place, didn’t want little fingers getting lit up like Christmas trees. I went outside and decided to run. Run like the wind, replacing thoughts for motivation. Feeling the wind through my hair instead of fingers on a key board. The sun in my face, it felt good being in it instead of having the reflection in the window pane.

I had to have a hard talk with myself, gave good intention to unplug, unwind and fade out once in awhile. Maybe I will offer myself a book or a tablet to write. My fingers didn’t know that was option anymore. Be brave, be courageous. Put down the computer, put away the tablet and unplug. It’s like an instant makeover for the brain.

Peace out and go make some cookies. I’m watching the Dog Show.


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Are we living in the new Zombie Land? The land of no good news, bad taste and people who walk around in a daze? The faces of unconsciousness, the walking dead without a mind to act accordingly. Actions do speak louder than words, most of the time all I hear is a mumble. People can see, they can react yet can they justify their actions? Hands held out in justification, wanting of a hand out without an explanation of why they are truly there. Others looking for answers, some on street corners others in high-rise office buildings golden coffee mugs on their desks.

Someone needs to ask the million dollar question. What language does it speak and can we get someone to stand up for our rights as human beings and not zombies. Follow the masses and you will see where they go. They go to shopping malls with empty wallets, they sit in pubs drowning their sorrows over glasses of beer, the conversations mute. Enter a political forum and you will see dressed up zombies with the best layered plans, oblivious to the course of destruction. All talking at once, fake smiles, ingesting high calorie food unaware of the protesters outside. No one, not the ones in high paying jobs, to the homeless on the streets seem to oblige the other. Does anyone see beyond their cause? Zombies of different venues walk around without thinking, hearing or identifying with what needs to be.

Consciousness has gone by the wayside. We can’t have conversations, debates or mediation because we seem to have lost that understanding. What has happened to ideas, discovering, inventing new ways to be alive. Dead Zone Ahead Beware. the signs should read, dead ends because we live in the past. Forward movement should be our cause, old ways don’t work anymore.

Let’s give our heads a shake, shake up the nuts and bolts that connect our brains to the thoughts we think. Let’s walk our walk, talk our truth and find a better way than we have. No more zombies, no more zombie leaders. It’s evening here, they are coming out of their houses, their businesses and their shells. Watch out because one look and your history.

Peace out and have a great weekend.