10 Things to Believe In.

We live in a time of disbelief, in a world of discontent. We are drowning in the rapid running water of emotion and we are lost on the path without a GPS.

Our world seems to be experiencing multiple tragedies and unlawful travesties, like zombies we walk with our hands held outward in gratification. Have we done anything to deserve the many things we desire? Have we truly opened our hearts to the disadvantaged, even with a smile? Nothing is easy, nothing is rewarded without hard work, nothing is truth with out the lie.

Three are many things we can do to justify the unjust yet to do so in the way we have done so is not really working. To judge is to be judged in a different way. When we blame, someone always blames us back and to shame, shame on you. We need to begin to believe in ourselves once again. We should all be wearing noise cancelling earphones, not for listening but to keep out the nonsensical chatter. Theres nowhere to turn, no one to turn to for advice anymore. We have stopped believing in everyone and even in ourselves, we’ve got to call all the bets off and get ourselves back in the groove.

My 10 Commandments:

1) Build a foundation that is strong, Use the strength of commitment to reinforce it. 2) The materials should be solid and true, when your wanting stability you can’t cheat on life. 3) make sure each truth is like a nail that in beds itself in a compassionate relationship to who you see yourself as. 4) Ask for help along the way, let others teach you what they know and thank them accordingly. 5) You will need lots of windows, when in doubt the soul can always be seen and sensed with the light of giving. Create doors that are solid, doors that can keep out the lies that sometimes gets embedded in the woodwork if your not experienced. 6) Feed the soul and the personality so you can grow into a person with empathy and patience. 7) When things get annoying take a deep breath and wait out the storms, instantaneous is not going to get you anywhere. 8) Create an atmosphere of kindness and build a table set for many, it’s time to bring back family. 9) The roof should be constructed out of material that is made for sliding the “stuff” off your back. Don’t hold onto anything, it never gets you anywhere other than a over burdened mind. 10) No one else can do it but you. Never use control, anger, expectation or entitlement, build a mind that is strong and useful. Lies can’t live in a house that’s built in truth.

Oh and number11: Be Happy every moment of every day. Know that even though we have no idea why things happen the way they do, there is a reason and if you can understand this life will take you to the most amazing places.

Peace Out. Oh and go San Francisco 49’ers.

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