Cross(ing) Roads

Photo by Craig Adderley on

So, why did the chicken cross the road? Why do we seem to end up at a cross road in indecision? Maybe life should provide crossing guards with information booths, maps with direction and pamphlets for better choices.

Going back to my first question, why did th chicken cross the road? The first answer isn’t necessarily the best, because the chicken most likely never really makes it. Why couldn’t the chicken relay the information about highways to its future descendants? I’m sure there are better ways to get where they could be going. Besides who left the hen house open?

For us it’s not necessarily about crossing the road but maybe more about cross roads. Life is full of them. Can you remember your first one? How about the first time you were told “NO” or every time you were told to pick another option. Did you run in front of a semi, not bothering to check for oncoming traffic. Cross roads come at appropriate times, times when important understandings are developing around us. Buying the Brooklyn Bridge was a antidote for stupidity, jumping into the lake because another did is one too. Do you follow the first unconscious person you meet or do you wait and not cross into oncoming traffic.

What about crossing half way? This is, standing in the middle, of the road. “Oh wait, What am I doing” and there you stand on the line trying to figure it out. It seems we see a lot of this these days. Mouths tend to open mid sentence or tweets that misrepresent the options of another. My opinion against yours makes for 2 of us standing in the middle of a cross road and more are coming. Like bowling pins we will all get knocked down together. Why do we do it? Is our patience level that low that we have to misjudge how far away the oncoming car is? Mindless we go along like chickens with their heads cut off flapping their wings and going no where.

Cross roads, chickens crossing roads and then we have Chicken Little yelling the sky is falling. Sounds like political mayhem to me. What we need are checks and balances. Ideas and input, mediators and guides to help us traverse the hidden pathways we find ourselves upon. Let’s “Get Along little Doggies” be patient and do not step into the traffic before looking both ways. Check your balance and if your lopsided wait, let your thoughts not guide you but become a true representation of truth and honesty. Mediate the best part of you because stepping out in the middle of the road without it will turn you into nothing more than road kill.

Peace out.

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