Photo by Soonios Pro on Pexels.com

Needed to unplug, so I did. I felt like I was drowning so I pulled the plug, letting the water drain out. I might of over loaded the socket, there were too many plugs trying to vi for the energy. No imput means no output, The information is kinda stuck somewhere in virtual space, I think I just needed the space to think about nothing.

When I thought about it, I decided to look at the wires and they were frayed, starting to splice apart. I knew then to unplug was a wise thing to do, I had no memories worth having memories over. Some days unplugging means going to the box and just turning it off at the source. Complete download, nothing better than darkness and silence. Moods are touchy, you can feel the vibes as you hold the plug up to the receptor, it wants in.

Unplug, unwind, reel in the cords and don’t look back. Don’t let the prongs tell you to go back and plug them back in. They want the electricity to course threw their veins and input gets jobs done. Like blood through the veins power cords send the information offloading it and hopefully more effectively. I will not put my finger directly into the socket, that means overload and lights out. I just needed to unplug, find a little peace and tranquility, practice non communication and silence. I rolled up the cords, put the socket placements in it’s place, didn’t want little fingers getting lit up like Christmas trees. I went outside and decided to run. Run like the wind, replacing thoughts for motivation. Feeling the wind through my hair instead of fingers on a key board. The sun in my face, it felt good being in it instead of having the reflection in the window pane.

I had to have a hard talk with myself, gave good intention to unplug, unwind and fade out once in awhile. Maybe I will offer myself a book or a tablet to write. My fingers didn’t know that was option anymore. Be brave, be courageous. Put down the computer, put away the tablet and unplug. It’s like an instant makeover for the brain.

Peace out and go make some cookies. I’m watching the Dog Show.

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