Ducks In A Row

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Ducks in a row, see how they go, those ducks in a row.

My ducks seem to be in a row. They march to my beat, beating the pavement waiting for a chance to cross the street. Maybe they want to cut and run, maybe someday they will yet today they seem to want to show me the parade. Waddle, waddle, waddle, left, right, left. Doesn’t take long for those ducks to take up the cause, be right not wrong because wrong is just road kill. Ducks in a row, who came up with that and what is the persuasion, when it comes to understanding choice? When the ducks are in a row you are aligned to a higher intention. Someone “up there” is making their objective known. Go here, do that, be aware. All in free choice we do or we don’t. When we do it may all go as planed and when we don’t “oh well” should of, could of would of, if only I had.”

Swallowing our pride, behaving, compromising could be ducks in a row. Having the right intention, believing in yourself and seeing it as truth, are other insightful ways. Ducks out of alignment means something in not right. “I’m going to do it anyways,” “One less duck doesn’t mean anything,” and those that dare say “who cares.” Ducks won’t stand still long while the mind makes its decision. Decision is movement, it’s taking up the challenge to cross the street because what is on the other side is so worth it.

So ducks in a row, what does it mean? Due diligence, is in order. See the cross walk, the crossing guard and watch for those little suckers because they will cross right in front of you. Sometimes you may be aware and stop in time and those are right decisions and sometime the focus is on somewhere else and then its “the end” for the reason it all began.

Spring is for hatching new ideas. Spring is for new little ducklings, all in a row, following the one in front who follows another. Marching along the Ides of March are soon upon us, be prepared. Stop when you need to, make better decisions based on truth and avoid those dark nights when those ducks may not know any better than to walk out in front of you.

When your ducks become a row, you are a winner.

Peace out and you are all my valentine.

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