The Message Is The Same, (until you read it differently)

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The message is the same or is it? The school of life invites you to attend classes each and everyday yet do we show up? Class evaluation is done by us, for us and because of us. The curriculum is different for each and every student. We learn because we choose to learn for us and not the masses. We hunger for knowledge for ourselves and not for the people who choose to be not understanding of your own personal goals. Life is not for the general public. It’s a science with a half shelf life, always changing course, always growing in an individualistic way and profound. Observe, quantify, understand. It’s a biology of belief, it’s purpose and believing in ourselves. It’s in modification in the way that we can tweak it to whatever it needs to be. We should want more out of ourselves than becoming robots in a deep rooted system of choices that no longer pertain to pattern out molded.

To learn and to grow is the ability to be individualistic. Come and learn at your own pace and realize you have the ability to say no to anything which doesn’t concern your growth. How we choose to take care of business, the business of living should be open and not authorized by one man or woman. No one in control of the whole when the whole is not the same. Each person to their own when it comes to the pace and the knowledge they want to access. To be able to do your “own thing” makes you successful and not one of many.

Are we in it to win it? Then why aren’t we listening to the message. I’m not saying go rogue, yet be a vagabond on an adventure. See what you learn by using your eyes, understand what your learning by listening to your own unique message and be mindful of the message that’s delivered.

Love yourself, learn the bigger picture of you by being a forward thinker. Don’t be afraid to not be normal because you may find out you are good at something different. Let others see the real you, not the story teller that lives in a make believe land of Oz. Oz is real, Oz is in all of us and all we have to do is find it. We all have a recipe book that has our own name on it.

Peace Out. Always here to be interrupted and indulged upon. Message me I do give intuitive advice.

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