Utopian, Yesterday’s

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Utopian yesterday’s can bring one to their knees. Harmonic and placating, in a sense, it could bring images of contentment. Images we wished would never end.

Do we defend our yesterday’s as if they are Utopian? War against the tomorrows we believe will come, until they become different? Are we unable to find an inability to move in a forward direction, with the ability to leave behind the unwanted debris? What do we do with the left over ambitions that we never put to use? Do we have rows of filing cabinets that hold a lot of useless information? Information in file folders full of dust yet still telling ourselves”one day.” Utopian ambition is yesterday’s news.
Sometimes a Blissful tomorrow pops up in our queue, what about those? Buried information that could be useful if we only could understand the knowledge. Unabridged books of forward thinking, mindful actions and recipes in good faith that my bring an end to backward conversations that go nowhere.

Utopian yesterdays are defended wars that we should have had closure on a longtime ago. There is never any good that comes out of outdated, dusty old issues. What happened to simple endings?

Simple, uncomplicated and mindful can be the only Utopian we need. Yes’s and no’s will do in a pinch. Ideas that go in a circle can only feed us nonsense. Minimal is short stories vs. long tiring fantasies.

I’m still hanging in there for my Utopian moment. A moment not built on yesterday’s long gone. Some day will come and it will be good.

Peace Out.

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