Sticks and Stones…

“Sticks and stones will break my bones yet names will never hurt me”. This one is going on my chalk board for tomorrow morning. No explanation, without intention, I want to see who notices it and if they have anything to add. Maybe I will continue to add ” Liar, liar pants on fire” or “monkey see monkey do” None of the above are very appropriate any more and kind of condescending. Yet so are adults, doesn’t matter from what walk of life, who name call, shame or blame others. We tell our children not to bully, in fact we ground them for it, but what gives us the right to do what we do. I’m actually ashamed of the way the improprieties have played out these past few weeks. How am I suppose to explain these actions to small children who can’t understand. Children whom we say each day to be compassionate, to love and be kind.

“You tell me not to swear, yet you do” “You tell me not to hate others for being different but you do” and ” you believe not all people are created equal” what am I suppose to do with that when the one your explaining it to is 5 years old. We were once children, innocent to the ranting and raving of our peers. We listened with both ears when adults talked, argued and tried to convince another of who is the righteous one. We were told to not talk, that” children were seen and not heard” and these same once innocent children are now the most entitled adults with a broken on/off switch when it comes to knowing when to be silent.

Who wants to be the bigger person, swallow their pride and move in a forward direction. No one I know. Being right is the new buzz word even when the lie is outrageous. “Lies cannot live in the light” so why do we think we can. shadows play at making funny images, maybe I will someday understand the meaning of, “What is real and what is truth?” Sometimes I think we are so unconscious we don’t realize the harm we do to others when we call them out, call them names and emotionally abuse someone in full public view. I’m waiting for the day a child says to me, “I did it because our president said I could.” What could that something be, I think it won’t take long to find out.

Mad, no, disappointed yes. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE. I think those that do feel that way are hiding in caves right now in fear. Next time we say to our neighbour “Peace be with you” in what ever context it may be, believe that we are all equal, and deserving of the truth in whatever form honesty can come.

Peace out, I think I will go make bread and beat the heck out of some dough.

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round

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And…. The wheels on the bus go round and round. Over and over we go round the Mulberry bush, looking for what? Trying to accomplish what? Our feed back loop must be getting pretty rusty. When was the last time you oiled yours or did maintenance on it? The tires on the bus are worn down, no tread left to keep us safe, we are running on the rims. Someday soon this bus we are all on is going to hit the curb and go over the edge of the cliff. We can’t control the driver, we have no tires left to ease the ride and what about the people? Does anyone really care bout the passengers?

We get a lot of wear and tear out of our issues, it’s all about repetition, repetition, repetition, I hear someone say, “Let’s just ignore the obvious then we can claim we didn’t know”. Yet we all do, we all know time is up and if we don’t change as a collective Humpty Dumpty is never going to be ok. When have we stopped caring, having no courage, letting bullies run the show. We all have them in our lives, the ones we work with, the ones we send our kids to school with and the ones that run the governing body. Where’s the little guys in all of this? I have stopped trying to understand. I don’t even know what to say to anyone anymore. The persons that come to me saying that they have lost their jobs but “hey the economy is great?” Whose economy is working? Not mine, not my neighbours and not the people who get up every morning hoping for a better day.

Time will tell as it always does, just ask “What time is it MR.Clock” and see who runs the fastest. We are suppose to love, be compassionate and be in love with who we are, where we live and how we connect to the whole. The hole in the damn is now to big, a little pinky is not going to stop the rushing of water as we all drown. I’m not angry, nor am I mad at anyone. Change will come it always does but it would have been nice if change could come without consequence. Challenge is always necessary when growth is meant to happen so I guess I will wait and see.

I will end with my Peace Out, have a good night and let’s all be thankful we still have free will.

Cross(ing) Roads

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So, why did the chicken cross the road? Why do we seem to end up at a cross road in indecision? Maybe life should provide crossing guards with information booths, maps with direction and pamphlets for better choices.

Going back to my first question, why did th chicken cross the road? The first answer isn’t necessarily the best, because the chicken most likely never really makes it. Why couldn’t the chicken relay the information about highways to its future descendants? I’m sure there are better ways to get where they could be going. Besides who left the hen house open?

For us it’s not necessarily about crossing the road but maybe more about cross roads. Life is full of them. Can you remember your first one? How about the first time you were told “NO” or every time you were told to pick another option. Did you run in front of a semi, not bothering to check for oncoming traffic. Cross roads come at appropriate times, times when important understandings are developing around us. Buying the Brooklyn Bridge was a antidote for stupidity, jumping into the lake because another did is one too. Do you follow the first unconscious person you meet or do you wait and not cross into oncoming traffic.

What about crossing half way? This is, standing in the middle, of the road. “Oh wait, What am I doing” and there you stand on the line trying to figure it out. It seems we see a lot of this these days. Mouths tend to open mid sentence or tweets that misrepresent the options of another. My opinion against yours makes for 2 of us standing in the middle of a cross road and more are coming. Like bowling pins we will all get knocked down together. Why do we do it? Is our patience level that low that we have to misjudge how far away the oncoming car is? Mindless we go along like chickens with their heads cut off flapping their wings and going no where.

Cross roads, chickens crossing roads and then we have Chicken Little yelling the sky is falling. Sounds like political mayhem to me. What we need are checks and balances. Ideas and input, mediators and guides to help us traverse the hidden pathways we find ourselves upon. Let’s “Get Along little Doggies” be patient and do not step into the traffic before looking both ways. Check your balance and if your lopsided wait, let your thoughts not guide you but become a true representation of truth and honesty. Mediate the best part of you because stepping out in the middle of the road without it will turn you into nothing more than road kill.

Peace out.

10 Things to Believe In.

We live in a time of disbelief, in a world of discontent. We are drowning in the rapid running water of emotion and we are lost on the path without a GPS.

Our world seems to be experiencing multiple tragedies and unlawful travesties, like zombies we walk with our hands held outward in gratification. Have we done anything to deserve the many things we desire? Have we truly opened our hearts to the disadvantaged, even with a smile? Nothing is easy, nothing is rewarded without hard work, nothing is truth with out the lie.

Three are many things we can do to justify the unjust yet to do so in the way we have done so is not really working. To judge is to be judged in a different way. When we blame, someone always blames us back and to shame, shame on you. We need to begin to believe in ourselves once again. We should all be wearing noise cancelling earphones, not for listening but to keep out the nonsensical chatter. Theres nowhere to turn, no one to turn to for advice anymore. We have stopped believing in everyone and even in ourselves, we’ve got to call all the bets off and get ourselves back in the groove.

My 10 Commandments:

1) Build a foundation that is strong, Use the strength of commitment to reinforce it. 2) The materials should be solid and true, when your wanting stability you can’t cheat on life. 3) make sure each truth is like a nail that in beds itself in a compassionate relationship to who you see yourself as. 4) Ask for help along the way, let others teach you what they know and thank them accordingly. 5) You will need lots of windows, when in doubt the soul can always be seen and sensed with the light of giving. Create doors that are solid, doors that can keep out the lies that sometimes gets embedded in the woodwork if your not experienced. 6) Feed the soul and the personality so you can grow into a person with empathy and patience. 7) When things get annoying take a deep breath and wait out the storms, instantaneous is not going to get you anywhere. 8) Create an atmosphere of kindness and build a table set for many, it’s time to bring back family. 9) The roof should be constructed out of material that is made for sliding the “stuff” off your back. Don’t hold onto anything, it never gets you anywhere other than a over burdened mind. 10) No one else can do it but you. Never use control, anger, expectation or entitlement, build a mind that is strong and useful. Lies can’t live in a house that’s built in truth.

Oh and number11: Be Happy every moment of every day. Know that even though we have no idea why things happen the way they do, there is a reason and if you can understand this life will take you to the most amazing places.

Peace Out. Oh and go San Francisco 49’ers.