Chit Chat

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Hello, anyone home? Can I come upstairs and have a chat with you? Oh, you’d prefer I wait downstairs until you’re ready? I see, you’ll come down because if I come upstairs it will mean you’re ready to have “that” conversation.

Chit chat, time has come to have that conversation with ourselves. The part of us that is really the better half. The husband to the wife, the female to the male, the soul to the human. Why does it seem so hard to look into the mirror and see what is seen? Is it that complicated to face ourself and be truthful? Hey, if we can’t be truthful to “the one and only” then who can we be truthful to?

Going upstairs can mean any number of ways of presenting the facts unabridged. Scary monsters may live in attics in the movies, ideas that present fear in all kinds of ways. Enter the honesty of it and all you can see are red roses and happy times. All those headaches we gives ourselves as we compound pressure and more pressure can be avoided by opening the valve and releasing it as it builds.

The first step is truth, the second is is it real and the third is why do I carry it around on my shoulders. Sometimes it doesn’t even belong to the “you” that caries it although you can absolutely identify with it. It may talk like you, act like you, even seem like you, yet is it? Is it your nemesis or a confidant you can trust. When you believe in you, you will be able to sort out the rotten, the no longer useful” from the the useful.

So once again do you want to chat? Chit chat? Talk about something awesome, different and diverse. Maybe you would let your guard down and open the door. see the difference of opinion, find your own personal potential. In-between the upstairs and the basement is a portal, one that can actually show you the way. It can offer you confidence, understanding and by the time you get to the top your baggage is gone and you come empty handed. There’s no need for mentioning if’s and’s or but’s only to see the optimal of what is best for who you are, in its best scenario.

Come on do it, be it without expectation and the chit chat will become an announcement to the world that you are here and you are ready to be real.

Peace Out my friends.

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