This Hour Has 60 Minutes

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This hour has 60 minutes. What you do with those minutes could make a world a difference in the seconds that tick away.

In the first 20 minutes the thoughts you make are critical to the questions you may begin to ask yourself. Whether you’re just waking up, in the middle or at the end of the day thought happens. One idea, one issue one complete ending begins to the shape. Mindful breakthroughs or mental blockages, it’s the fast food take out menu you carry around with you. Every time you breath you have already had at least a hundred thinking moments. Where does one begin? Is it all about the beginnings or the endings that arise first. What to wear brings up the rest of the day in which what happens comes through. Whose in charge of these random thoughts, highlights that are pen highlighted. It all begins with choice.

The next 20 minutes is reaction time. It comes in as a challenge to the choice you have made the most important to all other choices. Now we begin to embrace our limitations, as we find ourselves embodying ideas that have worked vs. the ones we haven’t tried yet. Time is ticking by and the clock is telling us time may be almost up. What to do, what to do, what to do? Maybe it’s all about not so much the what but the how? How did you get here? Better scurry tick tock.

Now we’ve come to the last 20 minutes of our hour. A idea has come about, a decision possibly decided on and now to make it happen. How are you expressing yourself? Are you still undecided? Time waits for no one, this is what we believe. Yet if time didn’t matter we could have 55 minutes to spare make the right choice and move forward. It is all about the change. All those thoughts in the piggy back can be of good use when we use our resources.

60 Minutes, each and every hour of every 24 hour day. What have you done with it lately? Can you admit to being present and productive or so far ahead that you have taken the wrong road.

It’s time, it’s second related, it’s the 59th minute of the hour. Look up and time has run out. Make the most of your ideas, your thoughts and make your actions count.

Peace Out my friends on this Super Tuesday.

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