Whatever You Do, Make It Count

Photo by Joslyn Pickens on Pexels.com

A penny a day keeps one in purpose. Dimes and nickels are added bonuses when it comes to saving grace. The sound of the coin hitting the jar is a chime in your ear and a voice to your compassion. What are you saving for? A rainy day, a vacation from life maybe or a better life? Is living in the future by saving those coins really count when your voice is hesitant to give a passionate betrayal? Are you real or are you living in a unwanted reality?

Making Pennies count starts with a vision. It moves into many times that until the visions meld together for a better future. Can you give it all away to a present that calls you to do so? Why do you hold onto it. It’s only coins in a jar that present a history of desires and not a true future.

I own a golden hammer and I keep it in a drawer next to my bed. Each night as I sleep I reach into the drawer and find that hammer and find ways to gift myself the coins in my jar. I use it for those in need of compassion. I recognize those that hurt and find ways to heal their pain. Some nights I fly through the air to see if my future really does exist and if it doesn’t I come home and change it up. I give hugs, I find ways ways to love the loveless and with each coin that I put away I find hope for a better future.

We are running out of time. Yet we have many full coin containers for those days that may never show up because we need to be gifting our coins to the present moment. Put a coin in the piggy bank every time you take the time to meditate. Send a coin down the slot each time you smile at a homeless person in compassion. It all makes better cense that sense sometimes.

Short and sweet. Peace Out my friends and get those piggy banks from under the bed, from in the closets and use them now. Your dreams await you.

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