How Deep Is Your Rabbit Hole.

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Today’s just a story I want to tell. Sometimes the best way to get out of the way is through stories that connect and help one disconnect to a world gone sideways. Sometimes coming back to the middle is the hardest part, the middle of anything where we feel neutral and aware. Our sight can see into the distance and we get to know where we are. Today seems to be one of those days. It could be foggy, rainy or any other weather related condition, it comes from the mind though and that is the difference. Reality sucks no matter what when we see it through the eyes of our fears and our faults.

My story starts with Alice, an average person with more than average ideas. She sees her reality as jumping point for a all the ideas yet to come. She wants to challenge herself with being aware of the challenges that could come her way and put distance between her fears about the future and the present moment. Her days begin with a longing for new ideas and her days end with sorting out those ideas that did work in a positive way. The rest were recycled knowledge that could be used again or shredded because they were of no use to her enlightenment.

Alice had an idea and that idea was of course her interest in rabbit holes. Everyone has them, she would confess yet one had to want to get to know them for them to appear. Her rabbit hole was under a particular tree down the lane and by a wonderful forest. A tree large enough to hold her in its arms and caress her in kindness while she thought about life. Sometimes the tree gave her hope and she didn’t need to go anywhere and sometimes she wanted to go deeper, so down the rabbit hole she went.

Deeper and deeper she slid and as she did she hoped that there would be no interference from her mind in an attempt to dissuade her from continuing. Every curve, every turn was like a door opening in her mind where she could make that decision to continue and release any of those unwanted thoughts.

Close to the bottom she gains momentum because she can se the light of hope. Hope that the challenges are almost done and the joy of hitting bottom. When one hits bottom it’s not necessarily “bottom” but an opening to something that brings you that hope. A different choice, idea or the door opening for you to see that future you had “hoped” for. Revelations come in opportunities that tell us sometimes we need to make a different choice instead of the ones we always make. It’s a hard landing when that happens, the slide gains momentum and you land bum first and it could hurt. Yet if you can shake it off stand your ground and see something more the pain soon goes away. You think differently and yes you change.

How deep is your rabbit hole and is it time to head down to make those difficult choices? Is this the time for the changes, when the situations that have lingered are like a fly to a full garbage bin? Time to get out the fly swatter or better yet haul the garbage away. Clean slate, simple measures that become usable and attainable, being minimal sometimes works best.

Today I will be brave. Today I will make choices and open different doors that I’m used to. Today is the day to challenge myself with my own “Stuff” and own my trip down the rabbit hole. Freedom and fear cannot survive together. I choose to be free of fear and find a new freedom in different choices, understand why I challenge myself and greet change with open arms.

Peace out my friends and your rabbit hole awaits you. The journey may be fearful in the beginning yet the joy at the end is well deserved.

anytime you want to take let me know.

One thought on “How Deep Is Your Rabbit Hole.

  1. I loved how you offered a fresh take on how it is to be in a rut (from how I see it) plus that sneaky Alice metaphor. It’s especially easier to be a rut in the midst of the global crisis and when I read “rabbit holes” there, I read a different kind of hope into exploration of ourselves when follow Alice to the bottom. (Although we still have to be careful of not emerging from that at all anymore.)
    It’s just my third time on bouncing around your writings, and I already witness a imaginative and eloquent mind. Really great stuff!


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