All In

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What is “All In”? What happens when you say to yourself or another “I’m All In?” How does it happen? When does it happen? Why do we do it?”

All in, theres a lot going on in those 2 small words. All in vs. not in at all or maybe a little bit? Can there be consequences to being, the “all” to the “some”? It makes me wonder exactly what “all in” really is.

Does “ALL IN” involve one side against the other? 2 parts of the whole when the whole is us? The person self divided, right brain vs. left or maybe head vs. heart. How often do we fight for “all in” when it comes to our own personal history? Are we swayed by the family and its history or the history of our nation? We seem to follow recipes that have been around for ages, decisions made hundreds of generations ago. How do they fit in this modern generation? “I’m all in” yes you are. “All” in the muck and the quick sand. Futuristic plans, momentous obligations set in motion with instruction manuals, signs with no value and you stepped right in without knowing where you could be headed. Maybe we could use a new book of values and valuations, a new set of signs that are set in truth. Values have changed and with those new values come new validations of how we pursue our future. How do you perceive your true nature? Are you your mirror image of a parent or grandparent whom learned differently or are you a pioneer learning as you go and what works for you.

It’s time to take a chance on life. See the future in the present moment and decide whether it works for you? Don’t be afraid to venture out and say something more and when it comes to being “all in” create your own recipe for living present and then……

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL. Peace out my friends we all have something to learn here on this planet of choices, challenges and big changes.

My gift to you is love of self in the moment your eyes touch this page.

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