Hard Decisions

Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com

Times have come to make hard decisions. Waking up isn’t as simple as it was yesterday and the tomorrows that come will be harder. Hard yes’s and had no’s will come faster than the time it takes to make the decision of whether to go ahead or stay behind.

What are the hard decisions being made? What have you chosen today? I don’t think we have had a greater time of conflict when it comes to making choices dependent on our future. How do we go ahead full steam when the captain of the ship says full stop? It’s easy when the news has been across the sea or in another neighbourhood, yet today it hits home. to each and everyone hold on, be brave. Choices have consequences and make sure you’re not caught up n them. It’s now about hearth and home, family and community. No one wanted to be denied freedom, I don’t think it has happened on American soil. Yet what do we do when faced with these times? Hard choices, big challenges for us to discuss and the need for happy endings.

I’m glad I have no planned vacations. I’m glad I’m not the one that has to explain to family and children there’s no vacation. I am relieved that I have no one in jeopardy from the times ahead. We now question our preparedness, our truth and the desire too “not want to go there” now. These times require a necessity to go deep. To travel to the depth of our consciousness and find some faith. Not faith in the system, faith in us. Our hearts are in need to be worn on our sleeve.

I will fight fire with fire. Suffocate the lies and give oxygen to the truth. To make those hard decisions that concern me from health to addictions and beliefs no longer true.

Theres not a lot we can do to defend an invisible enemy yet we can do a lot for ourselves as individuals. Each healthier, get exercise bump up the immune system to help with the fight. Declutter the thoughts and ideas that are saturating our negativity and find a compassion for yourself we have seemed to have lost.

We can do this. It’s the apocalypse we have all been wondering when it would arrive. Faith in human nature will keep us safe even when we hang above an abyss that seems hopeless. Hunker down, enjoy the company of family because we have no excuse to not stay home. Talk to your children and have those hard conversations about life. Live in the moment and not years ahead. The present has all the answers, they are there in your heart, just listen.

Peace out and hang on.

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