So Much TIME!

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Can anyone now say that they have “no time” to do something. Can anyone think that the “time” has come to be grateful for the time that they have to do something for themselves? well, now is the time. Time, no time, all the time in the world now comes into play as we hunker down inside of our homes, apartments and dwellings to spend “TIME” with ourselves.

We have had socialization removed from our venues, gatherings reduced to essential concerns and time to spend on ourselves to reveal truths long hidden. What can you do with this time? Can you make it time well spent in positivity or does fear play a bigger part. The fears of the familiar things that we occupy our “time” in. Now is the time to say hey, I can and not I can no longer. What sends you in forward motion and not in what holds you back?

Even though all the things we tend to do to occupy our time has been taken from us there is much more that has been given to us. The time to wake up and feel free from the stress of moving faster than time allows. The time to see our children and have small conversations that lead to bigger ones and time to invent new ideas on how to be healthier and wiser than before. The yesterdays of yesterday are now gone and we have awoken to a new way of living. What we thought would help us is no longer available and it’s now the “time” to take into consideration family and self over social lifestyle. I bet you will learn in the days ahead something new. I bet you will know your self better and the children you are raising too. I know you will make changes to feel better and consume less of the fears and anxiety you are now facing.

Sometimes life has to get complicated, sometimes being complete takes work. Values are changing as validations are sensed into a new way to live to your potential. Spend this “time” to see yourself different when the doors again open to life as “usual.” Think about what you can do to create less stress and anxiety in your lifestyle and always remember, what can you do now, to make this a better place for those to come next. It isn’t “all about us” it’s about the greater whole. What you do today is what your tomorrows will eventually come to be. Nothing stays the same no matter how hard you try to persuade it to be. Be simpler, be courageous in your new thoughts and be a forward thinker and not one stuck in the revolving door to no where. There is no “time” to blame, no place to shame or judge what is right now. There is only room to improve. BE better than your former self, BE stronger in convictions that give you compassion and BE the future you that thrives on positivity. Darkness cannot survive when the lights are on. No shadows to scare you or ideas that will have you running backwards.

On this day of reflection do something that “no Time” allows and place no restriction of “too much time” to do nothing but wallow in self pity. I know these are strong words. Words that I too will take into consideration as I place my day, my life in forward moment.

Piece Out and make good choices.

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