Held Hostage

Are we being held hostage?

Isn’t it ironic? Can it be true? Why?

As a human being I thought that I was the only “thing” on this planet that could take anyone hostage? Are I not a thinking, acting and reacting idea? Makes me wonder whose actually in charge.

Let’s take ourselves back to the beginning of time. A beginning where creation took place and time might have stood still. If man had not yet come about in the schema of things what began was a virus. A bacteria in cellular form in a manipulation of circumstance. So isn’t it ironic that this same bacteria, virus has come about to cull the human race?

This is how it happens when one has too much “time” on their hands. We begin to wander about in our thoughts and wonder how this could have happened. Like a 1950’s science fiction movie where extra large larvae come out of nowhere and begin to destroy mankind. Or maybe it was the Blob. This is our science fiction movie. Everything we have taken for granted is being taken back. We are about to become the null and void.

Maybe it’s time to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Time to have a new day dawn or maybe we are living in the Night Of The Living Dead. I don’t have a clue. Today it’s like burnt toast with no butter to soothe the swallow and no milk to wash it down.

So here I sit, pj’s on in the middle of the day. I’m on the couch afternoon tv on and stories in my head. It is my nightmare. I’m about to saunter into the kitchen and make a sandwich which seems unreal. The streets are bare of people and cars, the malls have shut down and theres not even a coffee shop to sit in and listen to all the drama. I have my home, my life and my conscious to keep me company. I think I have everything I need. Internet to keep me interested, food in my fridge to keep me healthy and an indoor trainer for my road bike just in case. Maybe I will get on it and dream I am riding in the Tour de France. I can call my family if I choose, play cards with my partner and laugh uncontrollably at his silly jokes. I may dance to the rhythm of music to my ears and hug myself a million times.

Who knew that a virus could change the world. Who thought that a pandemic could make us choose better choices and who now wants to care. I know I do. I know I want to live another day maybe 50 to believe we can. So if it takes a few weeks of slowing down, erasing time and loving those around me I will. We can you know, we will.

Peace out and if you need to talk send me an email. I have lots of “time” to take the time for everything I never have time for.

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