PH Levels

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PH levels are changing our outlook on the way we look at our lives. PH levels of positive vs negative as the thoughts we process go from ground floor to the penthouse in seconds flat. How are we integrating these novel configurations in a mind that has maintained us for a long time.

Let’s start with P. P is for, first off, Present. A present that presents us with a moment of thought and ideas of expressions. The idea of present keeps us safe, keeps us in the now and gives us a heads up against the fears we carry. We cannot do anything about this new future, all bets are off. The past doesn’t carry any weight either so why bother. Secondly P is for positive. Positive reinforcements will be available for us to experience if we stay in the present. Theres nothing we can do except occupy the corner we now live in. It’s a great time to discuss, not only with our personal self but with others, what we care about. The last P in my pocket is Potential. The craziest things happen when you put this out there. The closet gets emptied, the mind garbage is disposed of and we can see something more. Fear falls away, the present moment gives us reassurance that we CAN get through this and we may even figure it out.

H Has its own potential.

H begins with Happiness. I bet theres some in you. Can you stand in the centre of your place of being and show fear you have a happy side. Crack a stupid joke and replace the fear with joy. The fact that you have a place to hold your ground. That you have a full fridge and that you have family that loves you dearly. H number 2 is Hope. Can’t get from A to B without it. Hope provides awareness. Hope sends us messages that this will get better. It has too at some point. Keep yourself busy, whether you can work from home or still are one of the lucky ones who have a job. If you have been temporarily lost or had your job suspended maybe the gift is to take an online course. Read those books that you have not had time too, read to your children. Cook, bake and to hell with the healthy diet. If it makes you happy it will keep you healthy. The last is Healing. Sometimes life does throw us curve balls and I think we all saw this coming. We have let our health go to the bottom as we climbed the social ladder. The tomorrows of yes I will eat better, exercise, and give back have now come to be truths. Healing of the body will keep you healthy, healing of the mind will help you let go of all those unnecessary things, no longer worth anything, in the way you live. Fear has no purpose and the spirit will thrive. So do yoga, dance in the living room and give your soul a source to believe in.

PH. Choice, Challenges and Change. Thats why we are all here. There’s only one present moment and this is ours.

Peace Out.

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