Alice Wants To Know.

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on

As inquisitive creatures we want to know. We want to know everything we can. We need to absorb it all, no matter the price. Are we paying the price now, for wanting to know. What do we know and do we know anything really? Do we know what’s important? Do we understand the knowledge when it doesn’t seem to fit into our habits and lifestyle;e. Do we tend to ignore the warning signs? Because if we did, we would have to change our “habits.”

I know a person who is inquisitive. I actually like to hang out with her because she’s real. Real in a sense that if I screw up she let’s me know. If I’m being mental she gives me a flick to remind me to be better and if I’m not mindful well I get reminded. Her name is Alice and I first met her a long time ago when she led me down the rabbit hole. She actually gave me the push down when I wanted to do nothing more than scramble backup. Once you start the downward slide you need to go all he way, she used to say to me. If you don’t is doesn’t count. I wanted to know more than I was scared so one day I took that trip, slid and discovered wonderland.

She came with me my Alice, because without her it would have been just a temporary vacation and not an amazing discovery. I took myself down the forest path to bee my reflection in the mirrored pool. I saw who I am and who I could become. I have learned to this place so I go a lot these days. I don’t always go with Alice every time because she is always by my side. I know my way around and when I get to see the Madd Hatter it’s the greatest awakening, as tea with Mara is tea without compromise.

All you have to do is close your eyes and look for Alice. She’s always by the Bodi tree, always waiting to help. She will gift you with a promise of better days and more understanding. She will show you the way and then you will be on your own yet you will be fine. Each time you close your eyes, turn inward and breathe you slide into the root of the tee. Take the way down through your consciousness and feel free. Walk through the forest of contemplation with each breath. When you finally get to believe you will always be guided to see, to be and to have tea. Sometimes it’s Mara and she will give you your identity and sometimes it is the Madd Hatter, Buddah consciousness, Hope to see you there. It’s a great time to begin to meditate, to feel the freedom of the breath and to find your true self. Nothing else really matters once you get to Wonderland.

Peace Out. Love to all of you.

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