Hard Decisions

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Times have come to make hard decisions. Waking up isn’t as simple as it was yesterday and the tomorrows that come will be harder. Hard yes’s and had no’s will come faster than the time it takes to make the decision of whether to go ahead or stay behind.

What are the hard decisions being made? What have you chosen today? I don’t think we have had a greater time of conflict when it comes to making choices dependent on our future. How do we go ahead full steam when the captain of the ship says full stop? It’s easy when the news has been across the sea or in another neighbourhood, yet today it hits home. to each and everyone hold on, be brave. Choices have consequences and make sure you’re not caught up n them. It’s now about hearth and home, family and community. No one wanted to be denied freedom, I don’t think it has happened on American soil. Yet what do we do when faced with these times? Hard choices, big challenges for us to discuss and the need for happy endings.

I’m glad I have no planned vacations. I’m glad I’m not the one that has to explain to family and children there’s no vacation. I am relieved that I have no one in jeopardy from the times ahead. We now question our preparedness, our truth and the desire too “not want to go there” now. These times require a necessity to go deep. To travel to the depth of our consciousness and find some faith. Not faith in the system, faith in us. Our hearts are in need to be worn on our sleeve.

I will fight fire with fire. Suffocate the lies and give oxygen to the truth. To make those hard decisions that concern me from health to addictions and beliefs no longer true.

Theres not a lot we can do to defend an invisible enemy yet we can do a lot for ourselves as individuals. Each healthier, get exercise bump up the immune system to help with the fight. Declutter the thoughts and ideas that are saturating our negativity and find a compassion for yourself we have seemed to have lost.

We can do this. It’s the apocalypse we have all been wondering when it would arrive. Faith in human nature will keep us safe even when we hang above an abyss that seems hopeless. Hunker down, enjoy the company of family because we have no excuse to not stay home. Talk to your children and have those hard conversations about life. Live in the moment and not years ahead. The present has all the answers, they are there in your heart, just listen.

Peace out and hang on.

All In

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What is “All In”? What happens when you say to yourself or another “I’m All In?” How does it happen? When does it happen? Why do we do it?”

All in, theres a lot going on in those 2 small words. All in vs. not in at all or maybe a little bit? Can there be consequences to being, the “all” to the “some”? It makes me wonder exactly what “all in” really is.

Does “ALL IN” involve one side against the other? 2 parts of the whole when the whole is us? The person self divided, right brain vs. left or maybe head vs. heart. How often do we fight for “all in” when it comes to our own personal history? Are we swayed by the family and its history or the history of our nation? We seem to follow recipes that have been around for ages, decisions made hundreds of generations ago. How do they fit in this modern generation? “I’m all in” yes you are. “All” in the muck and the quick sand. Futuristic plans, momentous obligations set in motion with instruction manuals, signs with no value and you stepped right in without knowing where you could be headed. Maybe we could use a new book of values and valuations, a new set of signs that are set in truth. Values have changed and with those new values come new validations of how we pursue our future. How do you perceive your true nature? Are you your mirror image of a parent or grandparent whom learned differently or are you a pioneer learning as you go and what works for you.

It’s time to take a chance on life. See the future in the present moment and decide whether it works for you? Don’t be afraid to venture out and say something more and when it comes to being “all in” create your own recipe for living present and then……

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL. Peace out my friends we all have something to learn here on this planet of choices, challenges and big changes.

My gift to you is love of self in the moment your eyes touch this page.

How Deep Is Your Rabbit Hole.

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Today’s just a story I want to tell. Sometimes the best way to get out of the way is through stories that connect and help one disconnect to a world gone sideways. Sometimes coming back to the middle is the hardest part, the middle of anything where we feel neutral and aware. Our sight can see into the distance and we get to know where we are. Today seems to be one of those days. It could be foggy, rainy or any other weather related condition, it comes from the mind though and that is the difference. Reality sucks no matter what when we see it through the eyes of our fears and our faults.

My story starts with Alice, an average person with more than average ideas. She sees her reality as jumping point for a all the ideas yet to come. She wants to challenge herself with being aware of the challenges that could come her way and put distance between her fears about the future and the present moment. Her days begin with a longing for new ideas and her days end with sorting out those ideas that did work in a positive way. The rest were recycled knowledge that could be used again or shredded because they were of no use to her enlightenment.

Alice had an idea and that idea was of course her interest in rabbit holes. Everyone has them, she would confess yet one had to want to get to know them for them to appear. Her rabbit hole was under a particular tree down the lane and by a wonderful forest. A tree large enough to hold her in its arms and caress her in kindness while she thought about life. Sometimes the tree gave her hope and she didn’t need to go anywhere and sometimes she wanted to go deeper, so down the rabbit hole she went.

Deeper and deeper she slid and as she did she hoped that there would be no interference from her mind in an attempt to dissuade her from continuing. Every curve, every turn was like a door opening in her mind where she could make that decision to continue and release any of those unwanted thoughts.

Close to the bottom she gains momentum because she can se the light of hope. Hope that the challenges are almost done and the joy of hitting bottom. When one hits bottom it’s not necessarily “bottom” but an opening to something that brings you that hope. A different choice, idea or the door opening for you to see that future you had “hoped” for. Revelations come in opportunities that tell us sometimes we need to make a different choice instead of the ones we always make. It’s a hard landing when that happens, the slide gains momentum and you land bum first and it could hurt. Yet if you can shake it off stand your ground and see something more the pain soon goes away. You think differently and yes you change.

How deep is your rabbit hole and is it time to head down to make those difficult choices? Is this the time for the changes, when the situations that have lingered are like a fly to a full garbage bin? Time to get out the fly swatter or better yet haul the garbage away. Clean slate, simple measures that become usable and attainable, being minimal sometimes works best.

Today I will be brave. Today I will make choices and open different doors that I’m used to. Today is the day to challenge myself with my own “Stuff” and own my trip down the rabbit hole. Freedom and fear cannot survive together. I choose to be free of fear and find a new freedom in different choices, understand why I challenge myself and greet change with open arms.

Peace out my friends and your rabbit hole awaits you. The journey may be fearful in the beginning yet the joy at the end is well deserved.

anytime you want to take let me know.

Whatever You Do, Make It Count

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A penny a day keeps one in purpose. Dimes and nickels are added bonuses when it comes to saving grace. The sound of the coin hitting the jar is a chime in your ear and a voice to your compassion. What are you saving for? A rainy day, a vacation from life maybe or a better life? Is living in the future by saving those coins really count when your voice is hesitant to give a passionate betrayal? Are you real or are you living in a unwanted reality?

Making Pennies count starts with a vision. It moves into many times that until the visions meld together for a better future. Can you give it all away to a present that calls you to do so? Why do you hold onto it. It’s only coins in a jar that present a history of desires and not a true future.

I own a golden hammer and I keep it in a drawer next to my bed. Each night as I sleep I reach into the drawer and find that hammer and find ways to gift myself the coins in my jar. I use it for those in need of compassion. I recognize those that hurt and find ways to heal their pain. Some nights I fly through the air to see if my future really does exist and if it doesn’t I come home and change it up. I give hugs, I find ways ways to love the loveless and with each coin that I put away I find hope for a better future.

We are running out of time. Yet we have many full coin containers for those days that may never show up because we need to be gifting our coins to the present moment. Put a coin in the piggy bank every time you take the time to meditate. Send a coin down the slot each time you smile at a homeless person in compassion. It all makes better cense that sense sometimes.

Short and sweet. Peace Out my friends and get those piggy banks from under the bed, from in the closets and use them now. Your dreams await you.

This Hour Has 60 Minutes

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This hour has 60 minutes. What you do with those minutes could make a world a difference in the seconds that tick away.

In the first 20 minutes the thoughts you make are critical to the questions you may begin to ask yourself. Whether you’re just waking up, in the middle or at the end of the day thought happens. One idea, one issue one complete ending begins to the shape. Mindful breakthroughs or mental blockages, it’s the fast food take out menu you carry around with you. Every time you breath you have already had at least a hundred thinking moments. Where does one begin? Is it all about the beginnings or the endings that arise first. What to wear brings up the rest of the day in which what happens comes through. Whose in charge of these random thoughts, highlights that are pen highlighted. It all begins with choice.

The next 20 minutes is reaction time. It comes in as a challenge to the choice you have made the most important to all other choices. Now we begin to embrace our limitations, as we find ourselves embodying ideas that have worked vs. the ones we haven’t tried yet. Time is ticking by and the clock is telling us time may be almost up. What to do, what to do, what to do? Maybe it’s all about not so much the what but the how? How did you get here? Better scurry tick tock.

Now we’ve come to the last 20 minutes of our hour. A idea has come about, a decision possibly decided on and now to make it happen. How are you expressing yourself? Are you still undecided? Time waits for no one, this is what we believe. Yet if time didn’t matter we could have 55 minutes to spare make the right choice and move forward. It is all about the change. All those thoughts in the piggy back can be of good use when we use our resources.

60 Minutes, each and every hour of every 24 hour day. What have you done with it lately? Can you admit to being present and productive or so far ahead that you have taken the wrong road.

It’s time, it’s second related, it’s the 59th minute of the hour. Look up and time has run out. Make the most of your ideas, your thoughts and make your actions count.

Peace Out my friends on this Super Tuesday.

Chit Chat

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Hello, anyone home? Can I come upstairs and have a chat with you? Oh, you’d prefer I wait downstairs until you’re ready? I see, you’ll come down because if I come upstairs it will mean you’re ready to have “that” conversation.

Chit chat, time has come to have that conversation with ourselves. The part of us that is really the better half. The husband to the wife, the female to the male, the soul to the human. Why does it seem so hard to look into the mirror and see what is seen? Is it that complicated to face ourself and be truthful? Hey, if we can’t be truthful to “the one and only” then who can we be truthful to?

Going upstairs can mean any number of ways of presenting the facts unabridged. Scary monsters may live in attics in the movies, ideas that present fear in all kinds of ways. Enter the honesty of it and all you can see are red roses and happy times. All those headaches we gives ourselves as we compound pressure and more pressure can be avoided by opening the valve and releasing it as it builds.

The first step is truth, the second is is it real and the third is why do I carry it around on my shoulders. Sometimes it doesn’t even belong to the “you” that caries it although you can absolutely identify with it. It may talk like you, act like you, even seem like you, yet is it? Is it your nemesis or a confidant you can trust. When you believe in you, you will be able to sort out the rotten, the no longer useful” from the the useful.

So once again do you want to chat? Chit chat? Talk about something awesome, different and diverse. Maybe you would let your guard down and open the door. see the difference of opinion, find your own personal potential. In-between the upstairs and the basement is a portal, one that can actually show you the way. It can offer you confidence, understanding and by the time you get to the top your baggage is gone and you come empty handed. There’s no need for mentioning if’s and’s or but’s only to see the optimal of what is best for who you are, in its best scenario.

Come on do it, be it without expectation and the chit chat will become an announcement to the world that you are here and you are ready to be real.

Peace Out my friends.