So….. What Do, We Do Next?

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on

So what do we do next? How can we think about tomorrow when today our every day lives are falling apart? Do we look around questioning whose”s next? I think we do.
Next is next year, next is next moment next may be never. So what do we do next, when next may never come. Can we breathe in the face of all this fear? Can we hug our loved ones and tell them it’s going to be ok? Are we ok? How do we sleep at night when we hear the loud conversations from the house next door, the apartment above us or on the streets? Can we save anyone, especially the children who are drawn into something they never asked for.

I’m not afraid but maybe I should be. I’m more afraid for the children. The souls that are so innocent to our fears, our anger and our regret. Those little beings that look up to us and what do we say to them now? How do we tell them we will get through this when we don’t even know. How do tell those adults who are so glued to the tv, the liquor bottle or the pills they take that they should stop and see the fear in their children’s eyes. We all need to stop. Stop our self guilts, our the worthless issues we all created because we “never thought this could happen”. Sometimes I want to yell at everyone and say “stop being entitled.”

I know I’m stressed. I know I want to save everyone yet how can I when I only see people worried about their expensive life style and not their Childs suffering. We need to get a grip here and look down and kneel down before them and say I’m sorry.

I’m going to rent a bus go around and pick up those children that are hiding under the bed while their parents fight, tell them to come and I will feed them, cloth them and teach them a better way. God bless the little children have we forgotten.

Well peace out my friends. Sorry for this but my heart is breaking.

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