Stranger In A Strange Land

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Hey remember the book Stranger In A Strange Land? If you do, you may relate to what I’m about to write.

I woke up tis morning feeling like a stranger in a strange land. I know it is Saturday I thought yet it doesn’t seem like Saturday. I got up and looked outside and yup I was still in my neighbourhood. The trees were still there and the sidewalk and the trains yet where are the typical Saturday noises. I pinched myself and knew I am alive and then I remembered what has happened. The noises of Saturday morning are gone. There’s no one outside, no cyclists buzzing by and no dogs on leashes. Normal has become strange and even the strange which sometimes occurs has become insane. I am a stranger in a strange land. A land of distances required to stay alive, masks to hide our smiles and no healthy socializing. I’ve landed in a alternate world where I don’t feel like I belong. Long gone are the walks on the beach, the rides in the mountains on my bike and the coffee gossip hour I looked forward to with my friends. You can hear a pin drop at night, no signs of activity and no sirens to alert you of danger.

I am a martian. I may not look like one yet I feel like one. Getting up and getting going is gone, hectic has become a lot of time to spare, so strange. I wonder if language will change? The language of the heart as people become scared, afraid of even saying hello. No smiles to engage in, no hope for tomorrow, not even a feeling someone has our back.

I will make a tea, sit in my sweats and stare with a vacancy I feel inside. If it’s nice out I will open my window to hear the birds sing and the ocean touch the shore, sometimes these sounds go unnoticed. If someone walks by and waves at me and I will wave back, No rush to call those I love and I can find peace of mind as I wait it out. I’m going to take the time that I have been given to figure it all out. I will take a vacation from my mind and find hope and faith deep inside. I will remember those that have come and gone and see what the future brings with an open eye.

With cup in hand and a fresh homemade bun I say cheers to the morning sky, to the clouds and sun. I voice to the universe, this strange planet I have hopped off on that I am, here and awaiting instructions. I am a stranger in a strange land, which I will get to know and once I do I promise to take care of it better than I have before.

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