Photo by Alex Haraus on Pexels.com

I’m sitting on the edge of an abyss. What am I doing here I ask myself? Why am I sitting here looking down on the edge of nowhere? Could I be trying to find somewhere? I’m suppose to fall if I remember, fall into an abyss of cloud and mist, letting myself free fall into nowhere. Nowhere always becomes somewhere, is it a here or an else that I see?

I’m now standing at the edge of a mountain ledge looking down. I can see where I was and now am. If I look up there is no where to climb unless I get a ladder to the clouds. Like Jack I will climb my beanstalk. My toes are planted on the edge curled into the rock that supports me. My centre of gravity is at my knees because I’m abut to surrender myself to the gods of the sky. Can I remember why I climbed so high? Should I forget the fact that the only way down is to fall?

My lungs fill with the agitation of less oxygen and I take another. I’m solo up here no one else felt like taking the risk, I did. Hands to the sky I salute my life in accordance to a plan that I initiated at birth. I told myself I would climb the highest mountain and upon reaching the top I would free fall to a life unknown. I hope that softness of the heart is forgiving. The top of the trees protecting and my body able to be manipulated back in shape afterwards. One more look and I count to three. I release my body to the abyss and I fall. I can see forever and I hold onto that minute for as long as I can. I again count to three and release the ripcord. Up I go a mile a second until I float down. What a rush for the body, a feeling of being ripped from my senses and freedom for the soul.

Life feels like being on the edge of an abyss right now. An abyss of choices and challenges in which we will never be the same again.

Peace out my friends and enjoy a new freedom of finding yourself once you go back outside.

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