Present Moments

Present moments come, they go and they can stay around forever. Where do they take you? Do you go up and over the moment and keep going? Do you not see it coming, noticing it only when it’s gone? What about the forever part? Sometimes it hurts to stay put in that moment, ignoring a past that goes round and round, round and round.

My present is NOW. My present is seeing clearly an intention to stay for one brief second in a thought that has value. Any other present that is re-presented as another time or place is missing the point. Time moves in seconds, minutes and hours. Time ticks away never returning to the same place twice. Why do we?

Try to be present, excepting of that present moment as if you just received a present you were not expecting. Be in it to be it. There are no winners, there are no losers, only those of us who choose to play fair.

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