What Happens When The Inspiration Dies?

What happens when the inspiration dies? Do we cry and mourn over what can’t be anymore? Can we conclude that we have done all we can in our power to do just that and celebrate the passing? Do we vacate the premises and lay roses on the graves of past thoughts, while creating new ones?

Inspiration comes and goes like birth and death, it’s inevitable that it does. One thought unto another and we go round and round. Sometimes we need thoughts to bend a little, to break the pattern, allowing new ideas to pop up and begin.

I want to inspired, ignited by passion and also allow things to change. Theres no promise getting stuck in a rut. When the rut becomes a ditch it’s always too late.

So be inspired everyday, every moment, and go to those thought funerals and prepare to move on. Lay to rest the ones that have a history of coming back to haunt you and live a more inspired life.