My First

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Today I attended my first AGM. The idea of having an association is odd for me as I have always either lived in a home or rented. I really never thought about it even when I purchased the condo and here I am telling you what went down.

I decided to have a talk with myself first then initiated the conversation for two with my partner. We had things we wanted to discuss, votes to pass and neither of really wanted to participate. The idea of having to vote on what most of us take for granted when you own a house sounds absurd to me because I just can’t wrap my head around the idea. I knew I needed to go, first off, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to speak my truth and secondly I wanted to lay the ground for future possibilities. My partner and I shook hands knuckle bumped and made a pack to keep each other in the zone.

Whatever possibilities could occur we had a voice and would use it to make sure we wouldn’t be in the dark. Living on the outside of the building we access our own door making some of our priorities different. We wanted to have a vote on a bigger dog and allowing a cat. Neither are tolerated inside the main building. When the rules were first implemented only one person lived here, (I know sounds like a joke) and he had the sole ability to make the judgment call on what he wanted. So now we stand a few more and we all want to voice our opinion. I could say we are about to gang up on him yet I wouldn’t say that. LOL

The meeting took place upstairs at someone place, I liked the idea that I could also see how the other half lived. It was a fun situation taking me back to school when you met the teacher and other students for the first time. Who would you like and who would you choose to ignore. I could only acknowledge the fact we were the youngest there and was that a deterrent to any postistive outcome.

Round the table we all went with introductions. Next came the agenda and business. I held my mouth shut and listened, no sense starting anything and I had my backup sitting next to me which was a pinch if I got out of hand. It was like sitting in the Senate trying to pass a bill in which I was in the minority. Again round we went with the new business on the menu, was it time for drinks, sugar, coffee, I’m not sure I wanted to have these conversations with caffeine, alcohol or too much energy running the show.

It went well, knowing who I’m up against is good for the great debater. I said my peace got my idea across and the possibility of the things I may need it the future. I also came home with the idea that I may sell and get a single home where every decision made is my choice, my delivery my vote alone. Well that too may be a discussion from the other half of the whole. As the door closed and we ran giggling down the stairs and out the front door we paused for a breath of fresh air. Around the corner we were home safe and sound and ready to tackle another day. I learned team work does happen and sometimes being on the same page helps one avoid the controversy that sometimes can erupt.

Another day in the life of me. Peace out.


lest we forget
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Let’s Begin.

To Be starts the subject of the beginning of something we are thinking about. To Be in Being is an action of the Be, (what you may decide according to the information you are mentally receiving.) What comes next may be the action of doing or it may make its way into becoming the reality you are in. Follow me so far. I hope so because when I get into my head this way I’m not sure what may develop.

So now once we are becoming we are getting closer to the idea of the “what it is” and we may produce a sense of result around the Becoming. Our circle is just about complete, as we now begin again to Believe what we are thinking. “Is it real or is it True” may ring a bell in your head, a minuscule second discussion may occur over it or you may just activate a sense that may have you believing it right away. Yet maybe the believing isn’t the jumping off point of my conversation. Maybe I will take the view of two words developed into one and not really meaning too, Be-Leave. So we are or Be at some point in a moment in time, then we begin to believe we are becoming to a conclusion. The next obvious step is to believe we are right in reference to what the thought is then what? Do we stop at believing or do we question the belief and leave?

What do I mean by leave? Be-leave is to keeping going. Don’t stop at the assumption that when you believe it’s the end of the road. It is the beginning all over again. Believe or become the situation, the reality of ” is it true”, or possibly the idea that “not to be true” and once again you be at the beginning.

The road never ends, the truth never revealed, the one who speaks only speaks for themselves. When you come to the end of a road and believe you are there, think again. You may see a new road beginning to form and now you need to believe once again which road to take. Which decision to make on the basis of believing and you be-leave and go off once again in a new thought and a new direction.

I’m in my head. I’m in my heart and I believe it’s time to Be the space in-between, so I can become a believer that keeps on believing the road never ends.

Peace out and enjoy you and don’t forget to just Be once in awhile.


When do we begin to question the questionable?

Do I have the right to question what another does? Is there any reason not to? If I were on a quest to enlighten myself or others would I want to be questioned? Questionable.

The acts of some may be questionable at best, yet is there is a bigger picture? Do we let it play out as someones quest for knowledge, in whatever form it portraits or do we…., that’s the question. How do we question someone, how do we not judge another for their own improprieties, how can we handle the acceptance of another’s bad taste in answers?

Do I have the right to be wrong? Questionable. How do I learn if I can’t question? Questionable. How do we learn from mistakes made when it involves more than us. One person, one single mistake, is a way to improve oneself, if it’s a singleton’s journey to purpose. One persons decision to improvise their questionable tastes and it involve others, questionable. A quest has a beginning and it has an end. A quest is a journey to enlighten a soul to be of value. It is not a contest of bigger chests.

Why do I quest for a question? Questionable. Why do I care? I care because I do. I don’t believe in being a shame’r. I don’t do blaming if I can somehow understand the root of the behaviour. I try to be in acceptance because I may be wrong. Judgement is for the insane, not my thing. I would like truth to ring true, to hear the story for all its worth and understand that the quest was for the right reasons because the ending is worthy of the author.

No answer can come from my quest and for me that in itself is questionable. It will play out as it does and then the question will always be answered. That is undeniable.

Peace out and tonight I am humble.

How Do We…..

Yes how do we, close one chapter and begin another?

A good book, relates too many chapters yet not always do those chapters define the book as a whole. When does it matter? Why does it matter? I think we know.

When lives make no sense any more. When the math doesn’t add up and the congestion on the road to happiness is missing, its time to either close the book or start a new chapter. No more bookmarks, or tabs to mark those pages that used to make sense for us. It may be time to either rewrite the book without suggestion of past events or to take out those chapters that do not pertain to a better future. How many times do we repeat the mistakes of our history? How many times do we use the language of the past to incorporate a better future? It didn’t work then so when will it work now. What we repeat will persist, what we acknowledge fades away.

Round holes, square pegs. Chapters that have no meaning although the author keeps repeating himself. No matter how many times we try it never works. There’s an advantage in discovery. The world is not a pancake, it’s a beautiful vision we have forgotten to see.

I think it’s time to take a breath before speaking, acknowledge that sometimes what we choose to say may not be the right thing to say and when we take that breath hold it in before releasing, we may change our minds. Difference means that there is a space between the thought. That the thought has no control over the action, yet liken to a chapter in a book not yet finished. The author may delete the chapter, change the hero or heroine before moving on to “The End.” Let’s do “Do Diligence” and find the right peg for the right puzzle so it fits. Let’s have faith that the author knows what he is revealing in his chapters so in the end you were happy you read the book.

No more repetition, the brain and the mind are wonderful things if we just give them a chance to show us the way.

Heart to heart, Peace Out.

Over Thought

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Over thinking is over rated. Multi tasking in the mind is like having ADD, even when you don’t.

Whenever we are present there is only one thought in the que, making us ever present to what our thought is. What does this mean, it means simply potential.

Tired of the he said, she said when it’s only you doing the thinking? Try spacing out the thoughts, one in and no other in until the one before no longer exists. Space between, gives you an access to you own undivided attention. No more ADD. It’s a beautiful thing when one thought becomes one complete action without any interference from a ghost thought that sits in the corner and waits until the 11th hour to jump right into your conversation.

Over thinking is like a hurdle that will never be jumped, a river that will never be fed by a creek or a lightbulb without a light switch. One thought builds decisions greater than the ones before, single thinking eliminates the power of group effort especially when the group is in opposition to you.

Lastly, validation is the only answer. If it’s meaning can be defined, intended and validated by “is it real and is it true” then by all means take the thought and run, hurdle and complete it by clicking the accept button otherwise run fast, after you have clicked cancel. Devoting yourself to a quiet moment before you begin again.

Peace out people. Enjoy the night and no over thinking.


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New Year, new you? We all want to hope so, intend to do so, be inspired to be so. Yet what is the So? So what? So what it’s a new year? So what I’m suppose to change, what am I changing? It’s suppose to be challenging, no I don’t think so. Challenges are for the other guy, I’d rather just make a resolution and pretend. Thats what is the easiest. Resolutions are so old school. New me, new body, new diet.

Give it up, get going, give a shit? Why so I can fail. Now that’s a conversation we need to have. Why do we set ourselves up once a year, tell ourselves all kinds of stories just to never get it off the ground. We are airplanes without wings and we pretend to fly in our minds.

Intentions are more convincing. “I intend” gets you off the hook when something we swore to doesn’t materialize. Intentions are the mind blowers, when we intend something we may actually give a hoot (haha didn’t say sh…t). My intention is to be a better person. another would be would be to seek a healthier lifestyle. It’s time we set the table and sit down and eat. yet that’s not all it’s a conversation waiting to happen. No resolve, no paper airplanes just a willingness to find a right attitude giving us a chance to change a bad habit. Habits are hard as cement. Once they take hold they become black berry bushes that thrive in any condition. To break a habit we need to get out the rake, the shovel and the weed killer. The need to get down and dirty is the only way we will resolve any issue we face. There really is no instantaneous gratification when it comes to New Year resolutions. Dance with me here, be real and find a groove that works.

My intention is to just be me. So when I see me and I know me I then can decide if I like me. If you do, doing is loving, great keep improving and if you don’t, find a better way to love yourself. Be honest, be truthful and represent. You are the mirror wishing in the mirror be beautiful.

Peace out, enjoy the evening and tomorrow the work starts.


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I want to discuss Options vs Uptions.

What do you think I am going to say to you today. Options are defined as opportunities presented in many ways of which you may choose. Uptions are…… well I think I’d like to explain this a little more before I give you an answer.

When I think about options I already know what’s in my purview. I can see the focus of my intentions, the reality of my ideas as they are presented and the why of why I want to choose the option I do. Its all very realistic and all very logical. You may go through a check list to make the best choice and pick around this process and yes, sometimes one may be very spontaneous in the choice they choose in the end. What comes first the option or the idea? Do we see something first and then decide if we can have it or do we decide we want something and make the choices happen?

Uption. It’s a kinda one upping yourself when it comes to your decisions. Why not try to make the best choices before you see, hear or touch into the idea of option. Can one intuit a better option, choice or decision? Can one truly be honest about the thing wanted, in any case? This is Uption. Up the anti when it comes to want, what you want in life. Up the reason, make it a better reason than maybe would normally be made. Uption is careful, it’s truthful and it’s honest. It doesn’t necessarily make you happy in the moment yet it keeps you in the centre of your vision. Am I truly in need or is this a want because it’s a feel good thing. Feel good doesn’t last forever yet Uptions do. They are right choices, right reason and right understanding. Uptions take you farther into a future you really want, it takes you to the next level and it’s always there waiting to be chosen. You may not see Uptions like you see Options. Options are the normal range of choice, where when you Uption, you are thinking deeper and for a greater cause and the cause? Being yourself.

Option vs Options. You choose and when you do give it a minute and really think if it is an upgrade or not. That is the true definition of Uption.