Catching You

I was walking this morning around the neighbourhood when a thought came to me. Literally a thought walked up to me and started talking in my face. I didn’t mind that it did yet I wondered why this particular thought needed to be so vocal. So I thought about it.

This is what I came up with. I have a hard time being present, meaning my thoughts are always dancing around me from either a future that I want to be in control of or a past that I’m not sure why I need to bring it up again. So this morning it was about something that may come up in two weeks. That really is downright silly when you really think about it. I immediately looked around and realized I had walked by my most favourite spot and that it is a day, when no other thoughts should be on my mind except the joy of being me and being in this particular moment.

Bringing up future events or past occurrences really doesn’t improve your day does it?

I also find that sometimes I will be listening to an audible book and do the same thing. That is let my mind wander about aimlessly until I realize Iv’e lost my placing and missed an important part of what I am listening too. Why can’t we be present. If you think about it you will feel the same. Remember it when it happens then try to get back to the present moment. It’s hard.

I want to be present, to be able to present myself in a way that I know who I am. It’s important to be in the know. How we present ourselves can be life altering. Can you image what a disaster it would be to have to present something at work and be either leaving because you thought you were done or in the past where maybe a mistake was made? You get the picture. I don’t think what we do when we think thoughts disconnected to the moment is any different.

I decided I will find ways to bring myself back every time it happens, to understand where I go and why I go there, which is where you always go. There is a reason why we alter our moments by bringing in a past interference or too many untrue possibilities form the future.

Being me is being honest and true to who I am today and not just today, right now. How else will I ever know me, understand the moment something incredible happens and be able to say I am here to observe it?

Be mindful of who you are by being present at all times.