Stranger In A Strange Land

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Hey remember the book Stranger In A Strange Land? If you do, you may relate to what I’m about to write.

I woke up tis morning feeling like a stranger in a strange land. I know it is Saturday I thought yet it doesn’t seem like Saturday. I got up and looked outside and yup I was still in my neighbourhood. The trees were still there and the sidewalk and the trains yet where are the typical Saturday noises. I pinched myself and knew I am alive and then I remembered what has happened. The noises of Saturday morning are gone. There’s no one outside, no cyclists buzzing by and no dogs on leashes. Normal has become strange and even the strange which sometimes occurs has become insane. I am a stranger in a strange land. A land of distances required to stay alive, masks to hide our smiles and no healthy socializing. I’ve landed in a alternate world where I don’t feel like I belong. Long gone are the walks on the beach, the rides in the mountains on my bike and the coffee gossip hour I looked forward to with my friends. You can hear a pin drop at night, no signs of activity and no sirens to alert you of danger.

I am a martian. I may not look like one yet I feel like one. Getting up and getting going is gone, hectic has become a lot of time to spare, so strange. I wonder if language will change? The language of the heart as people become scared, afraid of even saying hello. No smiles to engage in, no hope for tomorrow, not even a feeling someone has our back.

I will make a tea, sit in my sweats and stare with a vacancy I feel inside. If it’s nice out I will open my window to hear the birds sing and the ocean touch the shore, sometimes these sounds go unnoticed. If someone walks by and waves at me and I will wave back, No rush to call those I love and I can find peace of mind as I wait it out. I’m going to take the time that I have been given to figure it all out. I will take a vacation from my mind and find hope and faith deep inside. I will remember those that have come and gone and see what the future brings with an open eye.

With cup in hand and a fresh homemade bun I say cheers to the morning sky, to the clouds and sun. I voice to the universe, this strange planet I have hopped off on that I am, here and awaiting instructions. I am a stranger in a strange land, which I will get to know and once I do I promise to take care of it better than I have before.

So….. What Do, We Do Next?

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So what do we do next? How can we think about tomorrow when today our every day lives are falling apart? Do we look around questioning whose”s next? I think we do.
Next is next year, next is next moment next may be never. So what do we do next, when next may never come. Can we breathe in the face of all this fear? Can we hug our loved ones and tell them it’s going to be ok? Are we ok? How do we sleep at night when we hear the loud conversations from the house next door, the apartment above us or on the streets? Can we save anyone, especially the children who are drawn into something they never asked for.

I’m not afraid but maybe I should be. I’m more afraid for the children. The souls that are so innocent to our fears, our anger and our regret. Those little beings that look up to us and what do we say to them now? How do we tell them we will get through this when we don’t even know. How do tell those adults who are so glued to the tv, the liquor bottle or the pills they take that they should stop and see the fear in their children’s eyes. We all need to stop. Stop our self guilts, our the worthless issues we all created because we “never thought this could happen”. Sometimes I want to yell at everyone and say “stop being entitled.”

I know I’m stressed. I know I want to save everyone yet how can I when I only see people worried about their expensive life style and not their Childs suffering. We need to get a grip here and look down and kneel down before them and say I’m sorry.

I’m going to rent a bus go around and pick up those children that are hiding under the bed while their parents fight, tell them to come and I will feed them, cloth them and teach them a better way. God bless the little children have we forgotten.

Well peace out my friends. Sorry for this but my heart is breaking.

Making Laughter In A Grim world.

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What makes you laugh? Do you laugh anymore or is your time taken up by all the fears that we now face. Can we find a smidgen of smile, open mouth all out gut wrenching laughter when we most need it? Maybe we feel it’s wrong to laugh, wrong to be happy or unnatural to love? Hmmmmm?

Laughter is the best medicine. I know that, you know that, our mothers used to tell us that all the time. Laugh when your down, smile the blues away, make time to feel your guts jiggle while you can’t stop laughing. Life is still happening, it hasn’t left us. Maybe we have temporarily left life, living in a present hell. Well who wants to live in this present moment you might say. Right here, right now are you still breathing? Are you still loving of your family? Maybe you are still healthy. There’s so many things to be grateful for and one of those things is laughter in our darkest moments. Laugh, when you hear a bad joke, enlighten your life by smiling at your child, I’m sure your fear is they’re fear also. Say a few times a day, “love loves through me.”

I will end this conversation with a small tale I will tell. It happened to me the other day as I went out to get bird feed at our local feed store. As I entered the store, using social distancing of course, I decided to walk around a bit as the store was mostly empty. They had some new gardening products out and of course all those little things that do make you smile. The small little plants ready to take home, the many cute birdhouses and of course anything else one needs for their home or farm. I decided to walk down the garden tool isle and I noticed a new lawn rake just put out. It stood out because it was bright red instead of dull green and have longer prongs. Picking up this rake I looked at it as if it was to become my new best friend then noticed the name of the company. It read, made by Corona. Come on I thought it was a joke and as I thought that very thing I noticed one of the girls looking at me. All she did was confirm with a head shake and a smile that it was true. The company is real and has made farm tools for a long time. I started to laugh and it made others look my way. We all took turns with social distancing to take a picture and laugh into our covered hands. Made my day and I still think about it all the time.

So laugh damnit, smile until your cheeks hurt. Make goofy faces when all you want to do is cry. Show your strength through the storm we face by sending out smiles to all you know. Tell your kids a stupid joke from your childhood in fact get down and have a tickle fight. One second of laughter will make the difference your body feels in it’s own fight with this virus. Believe me happiness heals the worse times.

Peace Out once again. Sending smiles and hearts to all. Let me know if your have a story let’s spread the laughter around.

Taco’s And Time Out’s


It’s about time. It’s about no time clocks and appointments.It’s about time spent for anything we want to do with it. It’s about alone time and time spent without others. It’s about sometime in the future when things will be normal. It’s about what is normal and what will never be the same again.

It’s abut time to bake cookies with our kids. It’s about time to do what time never allowed. It’s about time to unwind with our feet up, read a book, get caught up on a series or play cards and too while away the time. It’s about time we share, time we make and time we can trade for better days.

What’s on your time menu? How will you spend the time you now have? Get up and get time off your mind. There’s enough time now for all of us to understand what it’s like to be without time restrictions. What time is it? Who cares. Make time for your family and get whatever you want done, done.

For me it’s taco’s and time out. Time for me to have fun making, creating and sitting down with the people I love. To laugh, love and make funny faces. To say I have all the time in the world to forget about all those little things that got in the way. To say, “It’s about no time limit.” I have been procrastinating abut playing the guitar, now I have time. That crazy long book that has gathered dust, guess what I’m reading it. I pruned some plants today, I think they would thank me if they could.

Take the time, you have the time, believe that time has given us the gift of time to remember who we are and why we are here.

Peace out before my computer dies.

What Do I Say To All Of You?

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What DO I say? How can I express to all of you what words are on my mind.

I struggled the morning as to what to write about. Media is such a strong front right now for a lot of people expressing their negatives and or their positive views. So how does one puruse this arena of choice words and interpretations and keep us all in the right mood. WE love to express our thoughts, our intentions, our moods yet we sometimes forget what we are really wanting to say. What do we say to the millions that come here to find some solace in the pause in their life. We are all in our own void, a black hole that we have had no choice than to go into. Our ship has lost power, our motors are burnt out and our faith has fallen into a sink hole.

What do I say? I want to be helpful. I want to give the advice everyone wants to read yet are we ready for the truth. So what truth do I have to offer? Truth is personal, truth can break your heart and yet truth can be uplifting once we get to know it better. We have all lived busy lives, lives filled with to do lists that are really empty reality. A bucket list that could be emptied right now and filled later with positivity. Ideas and feeling felt in a way we have not experienced in our lifetime. I want to say its a complete “let go” of the way we were and a understanding of what could be next.

How can we even begin to understand it? Again this is something I have struggled with. All those self help books we are running to read are not available to help us with this. Judging, blaming, shaming is not the way to go and meditation may not help those who have never meditated before. I believe the only source we can find information in right now is the mirror. Yup, the mirror. Honesty, compassion and love through the mirror image. I can’t imagine some of the things people are going through right now. Yet I do know where we can start. Stop worrying about the appointments cancelled for non necessary things we all do. I did. We can all exercise in the fresh air and keep social distance. We can be social with the people we love, those we forget about when life happens. I know I’ve said it before but I bet if you ask your family one thing about themselves you will be amazed at the information that will flow. You will hear yourself saying, “OH, I didn’t know that?” You will be amazed. We can face the mirror stare at the person lost and get to know them again.

Mirror mirror on the wall can I get through this? Yes you can, we can and we will. We will come together with a new perspective based on what is realistic for our growth and not the unrealistic expectations we have allowed to weed our personal gardens. We will once again reach out to our neighbours and friends asking for compromise and peace of mind, cooperation and happiness. Let’s not allow entitlement and envy control our voices. Do not give fear a bigger piece of the pie.

I am here for you. I am you and you are me. Equal and yet different. There’s always a reason and now we have the choice to find out why.

Peace out and send it outside. The mirror is calling, go find out what it has to say.

A Is For……

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A is for? A could be for apple is we are talking about the alphabet or fruit, yet you may have already figured it out I’m not.

A could be for adorable, admirable or available. It could also mean angry. A today stands for adaptable, adjust and aware. For any of us to get through these times we need to be adaptable to the changing times. Adapt to what was, never to be again and now is, in so many ways. If the future is not recognizable then to adapt to this new future is a must. In science we see adaptogens. We know that throughout time we have had episodes of epigenetic occurring on a frequent basis. Now its up to us. We either adapt to the changes or maybe we too become extinct.

Once we can sort of understand this adapting of new implications, there will also have to be a time of adjustment. We are about to walk into an unknown. Something none of us here has considered could be an option. There’s nothing in the history books lately that told us of hard times because of a virus. A virus that could “cull” the human race a few billion. Yet here we are. It will take years before the final impact is felt and I hate to say it unless each person is willing to adapt and adjust they won’t make it. This is no longer our parents world. It’s the new world that Huxley spoke of.

I have faith in all of us. I also have faith in the unknown and that is where I want to be. I will adapt when it’s all said and done. I will adjust each and everyday without withholding anything that should be given up. We have been given a new lease on life in which we can take full advantage of if we remain aware.

All said and done, I leave you with peace and surreality. Let’s choose better, challenge ourselves more and see if we can change today for a greater tomorrow.

Peace Out and be brave.

Held Hostage

Are we being held hostage?

Isn’t it ironic? Can it be true? Why?

As a human being I thought that I was the only “thing” on this planet that could take anyone hostage? Are I not a thinking, acting and reacting idea? Makes me wonder whose actually in charge.

Let’s take ourselves back to the beginning of time. A beginning where creation took place and time might have stood still. If man had not yet come about in the schema of things what began was a virus. A bacteria in cellular form in a manipulation of circumstance. So isn’t it ironic that this same bacteria, virus has come about to cull the human race?

This is how it happens when one has too much “time” on their hands. We begin to wander about in our thoughts and wonder how this could have happened. Like a 1950’s science fiction movie where extra large larvae come out of nowhere and begin to destroy mankind. Or maybe it was the Blob. This is our science fiction movie. Everything we have taken for granted is being taken back. We are about to become the null and void.

Maybe it’s time to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Time to have a new day dawn or maybe we are living in the Night Of The Living Dead. I don’t have a clue. Today it’s like burnt toast with no butter to soothe the swallow and no milk to wash it down.

So here I sit, pj’s on in the middle of the day. I’m on the couch afternoon tv on and stories in my head. It is my nightmare. I’m about to saunter into the kitchen and make a sandwich which seems unreal. The streets are bare of people and cars, the malls have shut down and theres not even a coffee shop to sit in and listen to all the drama. I have my home, my life and my conscious to keep me company. I think I have everything I need. Internet to keep me interested, food in my fridge to keep me healthy and an indoor trainer for my road bike just in case. Maybe I will get on it and dream I am riding in the Tour de France. I can call my family if I choose, play cards with my partner and laugh uncontrollably at his silly jokes. I may dance to the rhythm of music to my ears and hug myself a million times.

Who knew that a virus could change the world. Who thought that a pandemic could make us choose better choices and who now wants to care. I know I do. I know I want to live another day maybe 50 to believe we can. So if it takes a few weeks of slowing down, erasing time and loving those around me I will. We can you know, we will.

Peace out and if you need to talk send me an email. I have lots of “time” to take the time for everything I never have time for.

So Much TIME!

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Can anyone now say that they have “no time” to do something. Can anyone think that the “time” has come to be grateful for the time that they have to do something for themselves? well, now is the time. Time, no time, all the time in the world now comes into play as we hunker down inside of our homes, apartments and dwellings to spend “TIME” with ourselves.

We have had socialization removed from our venues, gatherings reduced to essential concerns and time to spend on ourselves to reveal truths long hidden. What can you do with this time? Can you make it time well spent in positivity or does fear play a bigger part. The fears of the familiar things that we occupy our “time” in. Now is the time to say hey, I can and not I can no longer. What sends you in forward motion and not in what holds you back?

Even though all the things we tend to do to occupy our time has been taken from us there is much more that has been given to us. The time to wake up and feel free from the stress of moving faster than time allows. The time to see our children and have small conversations that lead to bigger ones and time to invent new ideas on how to be healthier and wiser than before. The yesterdays of yesterday are now gone and we have awoken to a new way of living. What we thought would help us is no longer available and it’s now the “time” to take into consideration family and self over social lifestyle. I bet you will learn in the days ahead something new. I bet you will know your self better and the children you are raising too. I know you will make changes to feel better and consume less of the fears and anxiety you are now facing.

Sometimes life has to get complicated, sometimes being complete takes work. Values are changing as validations are sensed into a new way to live to your potential. Spend this “time” to see yourself different when the doors again open to life as “usual.” Think about what you can do to create less stress and anxiety in your lifestyle and always remember, what can you do now, to make this a better place for those to come next. It isn’t “all about us” it’s about the greater whole. What you do today is what your tomorrows will eventually come to be. Nothing stays the same no matter how hard you try to persuade it to be. Be simpler, be courageous in your new thoughts and be a forward thinker and not one stuck in the revolving door to no where. There is no “time” to blame, no place to shame or judge what is right now. There is only room to improve. BE better than your former self, BE stronger in convictions that give you compassion and BE the future you that thrives on positivity. Darkness cannot survive when the lights are on. No shadows to scare you or ideas that will have you running backwards.

On this day of reflection do something that “no Time” allows and place no restriction of “too much time” to do nothing but wallow in self pity. I know these are strong words. Words that I too will take into consideration as I place my day, my life in forward moment.

Piece Out and make good choices.

Hard Decisions

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Times have come to make hard decisions. Waking up isn’t as simple as it was yesterday and the tomorrows that come will be harder. Hard yes’s and had no’s will come faster than the time it takes to make the decision of whether to go ahead or stay behind.

What are the hard decisions being made? What have you chosen today? I don’t think we have had a greater time of conflict when it comes to making choices dependent on our future. How do we go ahead full steam when the captain of the ship says full stop? It’s easy when the news has been across the sea or in another neighbourhood, yet today it hits home. to each and everyone hold on, be brave. Choices have consequences and make sure you’re not caught up n them. It’s now about hearth and home, family and community. No one wanted to be denied freedom, I don’t think it has happened on American soil. Yet what do we do when faced with these times? Hard choices, big challenges for us to discuss and the need for happy endings.

I’m glad I have no planned vacations. I’m glad I’m not the one that has to explain to family and children there’s no vacation. I am relieved that I have no one in jeopardy from the times ahead. We now question our preparedness, our truth and the desire too “not want to go there” now. These times require a necessity to go deep. To travel to the depth of our consciousness and find some faith. Not faith in the system, faith in us. Our hearts are in need to be worn on our sleeve.

I will fight fire with fire. Suffocate the lies and give oxygen to the truth. To make those hard decisions that concern me from health to addictions and beliefs no longer true.

Theres not a lot we can do to defend an invisible enemy yet we can do a lot for ourselves as individuals. Each healthier, get exercise bump up the immune system to help with the fight. Declutter the thoughts and ideas that are saturating our negativity and find a compassion for yourself we have seemed to have lost.

We can do this. It’s the apocalypse we have all been wondering when it would arrive. Faith in human nature will keep us safe even when we hang above an abyss that seems hopeless. Hunker down, enjoy the company of family because we have no excuse to not stay home. Talk to your children and have those hard conversations about life. Live in the moment and not years ahead. The present has all the answers, they are there in your heart, just listen.

Peace out and hang on.

All In

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What is “All In”? What happens when you say to yourself or another “I’m All In?” How does it happen? When does it happen? Why do we do it?”

All in, theres a lot going on in those 2 small words. All in vs. not in at all or maybe a little bit? Can there be consequences to being, the “all” to the “some”? It makes me wonder exactly what “all in” really is.

Does “ALL IN” involve one side against the other? 2 parts of the whole when the whole is us? The person self divided, right brain vs. left or maybe head vs. heart. How often do we fight for “all in” when it comes to our own personal history? Are we swayed by the family and its history or the history of our nation? We seem to follow recipes that have been around for ages, decisions made hundreds of generations ago. How do they fit in this modern generation? “I’m all in” yes you are. “All” in the muck and the quick sand. Futuristic plans, momentous obligations set in motion with instruction manuals, signs with no value and you stepped right in without knowing where you could be headed. Maybe we could use a new book of values and valuations, a new set of signs that are set in truth. Values have changed and with those new values come new validations of how we pursue our future. How do you perceive your true nature? Are you your mirror image of a parent or grandparent whom learned differently or are you a pioneer learning as you go and what works for you.

It’s time to take a chance on life. See the future in the present moment and decide whether it works for you? Don’t be afraid to venture out and say something more and when it comes to being “all in” create your own recipe for living present and then……

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN WELL. Peace out my friends we all have something to learn here on this planet of choices, challenges and big changes.

My gift to you is love of self in the moment your eyes touch this page.