Utopian, Yesterday’s

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Utopian yesterday’s can bring one to their knees. Harmonic and placating, in a sense, it could bring images of contentment. Images we wished would never end.

Do we defend our yesterday’s as if they are Utopian? War against the tomorrows we believe will come, until they become different? Are we unable to find an inability to move in a forward direction, with the ability to leave behind the unwanted debris? What do we do with the left over ambitions that we never put to use? Do we have rows of filing cabinets that hold a lot of useless information? Information in file folders full of dust yet still telling ourselves”one day.” Utopian ambition is yesterday’s news.
Sometimes a Blissful tomorrow pops up in our queue, what about those? Buried information that could be useful if we only could understand the knowledge. Unabridged books of forward thinking, mindful actions and recipes in good faith that my bring an end to backward conversations that go nowhere.

Utopian yesterdays are defended wars that we should have had closure on a longtime ago. There is never any good that comes out of outdated, dusty old issues. What happened to simple endings?

Simple, uncomplicated and mindful can be the only Utopian we need. Yes’s and no’s will do in a pinch. Ideas that go in a circle can only feed us nonsense. Minimal is short stories vs. long tiring fantasies.

I’m still hanging in there for my Utopian moment. A moment not built on yesterday’s long gone. Some day will come and it will be good.

Peace Out.

The Message Is The Same, (until you read it differently)

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The message is the same or is it? The school of life invites you to attend classes each and everyday yet do we show up? Class evaluation is done by us, for us and because of us. The curriculum is different for each and every student. We learn because we choose to learn for us and not the masses. We hunger for knowledge for ourselves and not for the people who choose to be not understanding of your own personal goals. Life is not for the general public. It’s a science with a half shelf life, always changing course, always growing in an individualistic way and profound. Observe, quantify, understand. It’s a biology of belief, it’s purpose and believing in ourselves. It’s in modification in the way that we can tweak it to whatever it needs to be. We should want more out of ourselves than becoming robots in a deep rooted system of choices that no longer pertain to pattern out molded.

To learn and to grow is the ability to be individualistic. Come and learn at your own pace and realize you have the ability to say no to anything which doesn’t concern your growth. How we choose to take care of business, the business of living should be open and not authorized by one man or woman. No one in control of the whole when the whole is not the same. Each person to their own when it comes to the pace and the knowledge they want to access. To be able to do your “own thing” makes you successful and not one of many.

Are we in it to win it? Then why aren’t we listening to the message. I’m not saying go rogue, yet be a vagabond on an adventure. See what you learn by using your eyes, understand what your learning by listening to your own unique message and be mindful of the message that’s delivered.

Love yourself, learn the bigger picture of you by being a forward thinker. Don’t be afraid to not be normal because you may find out you are good at something different. Let others see the real you, not the story teller that lives in a make believe land of Oz. Oz is real, Oz is in all of us and all we have to do is find it. We all have a recipe book that has our own name on it.

Peace Out. Always here to be interrupted and indulged upon. Message me I do give intuitive advice.

Hearing, What Did You Say?

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Hello. What, what did you say? I wasn’t listening, I was distracted. Can you repeat that so I can understand? Have truths, big lies and conversation in-between.

What did you understand about what I said? Did you hear me at all. Listening at half volume will strain your ears to hear. Trying to understand a point of view, when your hearing is turned down with create tension in the mind. The brain will push you to anxiety and the truth can never be fully expressed. Can you turn down the background noise? Did you up the volume on the TV so no one could really hear you? You could then claim a no brainer on what you said. Is it true you had no intention of wanting someone to actually listen to you. Or maybe you yelled it out, your story, so it became unbelievable. If you want to be listened to, then you also need to listen. Listen like the voice you hear is the last voice you will ever hear. Listen for the tone of truth, the anticipated answer you had hoped for, then smile in recognition. Staring back blank faced will get you somewhere you don’t want to be.

Too many half truths out there will give you fill in the blank novels. Descriptive novellas that seem too good to be true, and for some reason we never question it. Command attention from the room making sure you know what you are saying. Turn down the background noises and own the podium. Make sure you are real and not trying to express a reality that you can’t face in the mirror. Ask for advice and listen harder than what you would expect from your listeners.

Value is as valuable does. Both ears not one, a whole mind and not half. Ask if you’re understood. Understand with hope, acknowledge without fear and believe that if you want the truth then speak it, in all ways. I’m not listening whispered in your own ears doesn’t help, deception is for novels made up not realities played out in person, to person. Want more from those expected to give, of themselves, then ask less of the lies and more of the truth. Make wisdom your champion. Tell anyone who try’s otherwise to bugger off. Theres no room for half baked, have cooked up or half fed.

I have one recipe to give: Be fully attentive to the world outside because one day you may have to answer the question of how well you did and on that day it’s your turn to feed others truth.

Peace Out on this beautiful Sunday.


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Hey, if you walk in a circle where do we go? Do we walk forward and backwards at the same time? Are circles just straight lines that have decided to bend a little or bend a lot? Can we turn a square into a circle by rounding out the corners or how about take that circle and push it outwards and call it a square.

Our times are complicated. Nothing is as it seems to be. There’s no straight lines, right or left turns or beginnings and endings. We never go from A to B anymore and what happened to the content page where we could find out where we could go to find the answers. Endings come before beginnings, mazes have no reason to be finished and where the hell did the stop signs go? We are running without understanding why we are running or where we are running to. Our minds are not made up anymore it just gets dizzy. Circles never get us anywhere straight lines have a start line but never seems to be measured or kept in check. When was the last time you did points on a graph? Pointless because no one wants to follow any rules. garbage bags full of stuff, all kinds of left over good news and reality checks all thrown away and discarded without being checked.

Is there a “Hell in a Hand Basket?” If there is we are all in one. Why do we make rules, follow recipes and have people in charge when no one seems to remember how. Weights and measures who cares, we should. One day the return lane will be full of broken promises and the complaint line even longer because someone forgot to hire someone to listen.

No more crying Wolf, he’s come and gone and eaten up his fill. Where will he show up next? One thing for sure we never know what has happened while we were asleep, it all still amazes me that the world still stands, that we do exist and that life is not an anomaly.

Be brave, stand up for what is right because one day we will find out the world has come to an end and we have missed the bus to freedom. Peace Out.


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Needed to unplug, so I did. I felt like I was drowning so I pulled the plug, letting the water drain out. I might of over loaded the socket, there were too many plugs trying to vi for the energy. No imput means no output, The information is kinda stuck somewhere in virtual space, I think I just needed the space to think about nothing.

When I thought about it, I decided to look at the wires and they were frayed, starting to splice apart. I knew then to unplug was a wise thing to do, I had no memories worth having memories over. Some days unplugging means going to the box and just turning it off at the source. Complete download, nothing better than darkness and silence. Moods are touchy, you can feel the vibes as you hold the plug up to the receptor, it wants in.

Unplug, unwind, reel in the cords and don’t look back. Don’t let the prongs tell you to go back and plug them back in. They want the electricity to course threw their veins and input gets jobs done. Like blood through the veins power cords send the information offloading it and hopefully more effectively. I will not put my finger directly into the socket, that means overload and lights out. I just needed to unplug, find a little peace and tranquility, practice non communication and silence. I rolled up the cords, put the socket placements in it’s place, didn’t want little fingers getting lit up like Christmas trees. I went outside and decided to run. Run like the wind, replacing thoughts for motivation. Feeling the wind through my hair instead of fingers on a key board. The sun in my face, it felt good being in it instead of having the reflection in the window pane.

I had to have a hard talk with myself, gave good intention to unplug, unwind and fade out once in awhile. Maybe I will offer myself a book or a tablet to write. My fingers didn’t know that was option anymore. Be brave, be courageous. Put down the computer, put away the tablet and unplug. It’s like an instant makeover for the brain.

Peace out and go make some cookies. I’m watching the Dog Show.

Sticks and Stones…

“Sticks and stones will break my bones yet names will never hurt me”. This one is going on my chalk board for tomorrow morning. No explanation, without intention, I want to see who notices it and if they have anything to add. Maybe I will continue to add ” Liar, liar pants on fire” or “monkey see monkey do” None of the above are very appropriate any more and kind of condescending. Yet so are adults, doesn’t matter from what walk of life, who name call, shame or blame others. We tell our children not to bully, in fact we ground them for it, but what gives us the right to do what we do. I’m actually ashamed of the way the improprieties have played out these past few weeks. How am I suppose to explain these actions to small children who can’t understand. Children whom we say each day to be compassionate, to love and be kind.

“You tell me not to swear, yet you do” “You tell me not to hate others for being different but you do” and ” you believe not all people are created equal” what am I suppose to do with that when the one your explaining it to is 5 years old. We were once children, innocent to the ranting and raving of our peers. We listened with both ears when adults talked, argued and tried to convince another of who is the righteous one. We were told to not talk, that” children were seen and not heard” and these same once innocent children are now the most entitled adults with a broken on/off switch when it comes to knowing when to be silent.

Who wants to be the bigger person, swallow their pride and move in a forward direction. No one I know. Being right is the new buzz word even when the lie is outrageous. “Lies cannot live in the light” so why do we think we can. shadows play at making funny images, maybe I will someday understand the meaning of, “What is real and what is truth?” Sometimes I think we are so unconscious we don’t realize the harm we do to others when we call them out, call them names and emotionally abuse someone in full public view. I’m waiting for the day a child says to me, “I did it because our president said I could.” What could that something be, I think it won’t take long to find out.

Mad, no, disappointed yes. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE. I think those that do feel that way are hiding in caves right now in fear. Next time we say to our neighbour “Peace be with you” in what ever context it may be, believe that we are all equal, and deserving of the truth in whatever form honesty can come.

Peace out, I think I will go make bread and beat the heck out of some dough.

10 Things to Believe In.

We live in a time of disbelief, in a world of discontent. We are drowning in the rapid running water of emotion and we are lost on the path without a GPS.

Our world seems to be experiencing multiple tragedies and unlawful travesties, like zombies we walk with our hands held outward in gratification. Have we done anything to deserve the many things we desire? Have we truly opened our hearts to the disadvantaged, even with a smile? Nothing is easy, nothing is rewarded without hard work, nothing is truth with out the lie.

Three are many things we can do to justify the unjust yet to do so in the way we have done so is not really working. To judge is to be judged in a different way. When we blame, someone always blames us back and to shame, shame on you. We need to begin to believe in ourselves once again. We should all be wearing noise cancelling earphones, not for listening but to keep out the nonsensical chatter. Theres nowhere to turn, no one to turn to for advice anymore. We have stopped believing in everyone and even in ourselves, we’ve got to call all the bets off and get ourselves back in the groove.

My 10 Commandments:

1) Build a foundation that is strong, Use the strength of commitment to reinforce it. 2) The materials should be solid and true, when your wanting stability you can’t cheat on life. 3) make sure each truth is like a nail that in beds itself in a compassionate relationship to who you see yourself as. 4) Ask for help along the way, let others teach you what they know and thank them accordingly. 5) You will need lots of windows, when in doubt the soul can always be seen and sensed with the light of giving. Create doors that are solid, doors that can keep out the lies that sometimes gets embedded in the woodwork if your not experienced. 6) Feed the soul and the personality so you can grow into a person with empathy and patience. 7) When things get annoying take a deep breath and wait out the storms, instantaneous is not going to get you anywhere. 8) Create an atmosphere of kindness and build a table set for many, it’s time to bring back family. 9) The roof should be constructed out of material that is made for sliding the “stuff” off your back. Don’t hold onto anything, it never gets you anywhere other than a over burdened mind. 10) No one else can do it but you. Never use control, anger, expectation or entitlement, build a mind that is strong and useful. Lies can’t live in a house that’s built in truth.

Oh and number11: Be Happy every moment of every day. Know that even though we have no idea why things happen the way they do, there is a reason and if you can understand this life will take you to the most amazing places.

Peace Out. Oh and go San Francisco 49’ers.

The Story Of All Of Us

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There is a story for all of us. A story that holds us all in attention to the story teller. The story of us, is in all of us, it’s held in the heart. The heart is all that matters, matters to me and to you, thoughts held deep within the beating heart that pumps out the blood, the core of who we are.

What is our story? Our story is the story of you, the story of me and the stories of the human race. Our story’s could be based solely on history, sometimes never making it past the years gone by. Never letting go of the future yet told. Another’s story could be in the making, always in a future sense when nothing really happens in reality, but only in ones mind. There could also be stories that unfold in the moment they appear on the scene. These are present stories, chapters created as they happen without a past or a future unfolded in the making of it. Theses are the stories of faith, these are the parables of believing in the you now, not yesterday or tomorrow. Our greatest gifts happen when our stories become real and not a reality, based on dead ends or pieces of information that could be lies. Sometimes untruths weave their way into our minds encyclopedia telling us that what we think is true, yet is it? Only you can tell anyone that. Only you can decide to erase those no longer valid stories that once were real yet no longer are.

We have changed, as a race, as a community, as people. You have changed. You do each morning you open your eyes and face another day. This is the only true story we need to carry. Reborn in every moment into a new person and a new set of circumstances that mold you into a new you. Positivity. empathy, compassion and love even for the ones we cannot identify with are all we need to carry around with us. Not the stories of old outdated history that really isn’t useful. Its time we learn a new set of words, new dictionaries and new truths. It’s now that is and not the yesterdays we all hold onto. Maybe if we paid more attention to each present moment we would see the gift that stands before us. The gift of moving forward into a better human race based on the creed of embracing each other and lifting the stories higher. We all can’t be the same, carry with us the same stories yet how awesome wold it be if our story changed all the time instead of it being the same.

What is your story? Your story is my story is their story all engaging in the present when all things happen. Let’s rewrite it together. Peace out my friends and let’s do this. Let’s stop the madness that has taken hold of us and laugh in the face of all this bologna that we seem to be listening to.

Note To Myself

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Note to myself: Making lists, writing notes, texting myself messages, is there that much to do that I can’t remember. I’m always reminding myself of something. Where am I going today? What am I suppose to get from the store, who am I? All notes written to me at some time or another are becoming useless and overwhelming. Notes, messages, reminders, be here, do that, when does it end. Although I do need to remind myself not to watch tv anymore. I think every time the “breaking news” comes on I will head to the kitchen and binge on baking cookies.

Note to myself: remind the reminder that the mind is a gift not often used anymore. The memory is a great place to store, dispose of and utilize information on a short or long term basis. I think I will send the person responsible for post it notes a nasty letter. Ask them why they created a reminder not use your own memory.

Note to myself: Tell the kids to help me remind myself. We teach our children well then when they get older we hand them a pack of post it notes to remind them that they don’t really need their memory after all. I need to be good to myself and clean out my office drawer, throw away all the scraps of paper and start to use my brain. Trying something new may work and that’s not sending myself an email either.

Note to myself: Stop writing notes, sending yourself messages. Try using your memory instead.

Note to myself, send yourself a memo to not write another note. Try baking cookies instead and that’s a story for another rainy night.

Peace out and enjoy the evening.

Hanging Pictures.

What’s in a picture? What’s in the placement of where the picture is hung? What brings up the idea that the picture is to be placed somewhere, anywhere? What is it’s purpose?

The idea of pictures is personal. It’s a reflection of our thoughts placed upon a wall. Something to gaze upon as we ponder our understanding of why the picture is? What is it? Does it represent an image? The colours spread across canvas, etched by an author who has spoken to you. It may tell you a story, a story liken to your own. It may speak to you of history, or an illusion you feel drawn to. Who are you, you may say and why are you here.

As one gazes on the beauty we are drawn into its presence. We can be nurtured by the artists edition of something he also sees. Something near to his heart or embraced also by oddity. Why did they paint it. We are drawn to paintings as we are drawn to people. Their ideas, their perspectives and their views are like the colours spread across canvas. We may place them in direct sight, holding them in the light or find a hallway that needs dressing up. Sometimes we put them in the closet so no one can find them, maybe we are ashamed, not yet ready to face them yet. Pictures are our life. Each and every thought we have is drawn on an imaginary paper. Sometimes those thoughts can be seen in open view and sometimes we choose to take our worth into darkness, hiding our truths as we hide our art.

Art is an expression of self. Art is how you view your world. Drink it in, exhale it out. Think about what our world would be without it. Think about the void there would be if you were not the artist creating the picture you do? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. See all things, all people, all life as an artistic view. Then take your eyes to it and draw with your mind a heart shape over the next one you see. Be it person, place or thing.

Love loves through you. Peace out.