Preconditions Preconceptions

Who are you? Are you a precondition or a preconception? Do you do you? Do you fake you? Why? What could possibly be the reason? Conditions are conditioning in constraining a creditable outcome. Conceptions could be admirable in a request for attention. Which one are you? What happens when you do either,or? Concede I can’t […]

Hold Your Space

Hold your space be careful someone might take it. Yet who holds onto you? Believe in make believe, are you someone else? Yet is something else a believable you? Share your thoughts Because someone else might share theirs in a more believable way. Use your imagination when it comes to details. Do the details really […]

Cant Help That

  Agenda”s What are they for anyways. Please enlighten me. Always there always indifferent. Can’t we make up our minds without them? I want to say I can’t help that. I can’t help myself from sheets of paper. Pages of stuff I think I want and need. Do I really? What about open ended goals? […]

If The Clothes Are To Small…

If the clothes are to small, the mind is too tight. Everything you wear is not suitable for every occasion. How do you choose? Do you decide based on expectation? Maybe a judgment on what you wore before? Somebody comment on it? BE who you are. Allow for sway on either end of the decision. […]

Free Wheeling

The wheels of lIfe go round and round. Searching for roads, pathways. Observing the potholes, the rocks and unapproachable landscapes. Never determining that this may be only temporary. What you see before you is inevitable. True? What if? You do say what if, don’t you? Can you see into the distance, take control, maybe not […]