If The Clothes Are To Small…

If the clothes are to small, the mind is too tight. Everything you wear is not suitable for every occasion. How do you choose? Do you decide based on expectation? Maybe a judgment on what you wore before? Somebody comment on it? BE who you are. Allow for sway on either end of the decision. […]

Time To Be Kind

In todays times we find kindness in between the isles of doing someone a favour and what’s the other word again? A chore. Kindness shouldn’t be just for family and close friends. Being kind isn’t for; the occasional get what you want instant fix. It should be universal, open ended. Need a favour, give a favour? […]

Going Through It

What is it you are going through? Is IT a doorway? A window of opportunity? Maybe a windstorm. Whatever IT is, it’s important to go through it. Could we go around IT? Learn to go above it, maybe below it? Sometimes we try. Now the question of, does it work? That is to do anything […]


Validation is: Standing naked and accepting my image. It’s having no requirement for my perfection or my shame. Being me is validation enough. To know I am strong, courageous and imperfect each and every day. That I can challenge myself in the arena of self doubt, not mattering if I win or lose but that […]