Stuck between two without a middle? Are you polarized? One season can enter and another exits, do you question where they go? Being content with ones’ condition doesn’t mean you are unconditional. Facts are we tend to find too many things to control and condition. The earth moves to the echo of its own sound. […]

Did You put your Hand Up?

Did you put your hand up? You were asked a question, did you ty to answer it? Hesitation. You thought about it first, did you put your hand up anyways? There are no wrong answers. You quest for information can only give you the right answers, you know. The art of putting your hand up […]

Breakfast Time, Whats On The Menu

How do you start your day? What gives you grace, gratification? Do you fuel your body ¬†with nutrition? Is it a blender of positive thought? Do you fuel your mind with the same? What gives you vitality? Are you sane? Do you believe in the universe? The greater supplier of life and advice. Does the […]

The Mindful Heart

The expression of the heart and its intimate values is a mindful heart. If there is no interest in the heart of what matters, is the mind mindless to what does truly matter? We breathe in, we exhale out. The heart beats to a rythm of subconscious action. The mind is not so mindful of […]


Being Beautiful, who defines what is beautiful? Why do we even have to define it. What makes you feel beautiful? Is it fanciful words, a quick stare from a stranger’s eye or maybe a kind gesture of worthiness. What’s your poison? Being Human may not be beautiful all the time but being beautiful is being […]