Three Stooges

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I’m gutting myself yet I have to ask, “Is it still ok to watch The Three Stooges?”

During my childhood we made fun of everyone and everything, can I still feel that innocence, without racial blur, and find a good belly laugh. I thought I’d better ask because I may be arrested by the politically correct police any minute.

Now there’s a commercial on about a cat beating up a mouse does that make me a bad animal owner? I’m so confused these days. Laughter is the best medicine yet which brand do we subscribe to?

Back to the stooges. I used to get my brothers together and be exactly those guys. Short of finding hammers and other appliances we pretended the “yuck, yuck” and fingers to the chin “nyuck nyuck”. We chased each other around the house and back yard promising to trounce on the “bad guys” any time we chose. There seemed to be no blurred lines then. How many of you became Super Man? No one ever told me as a girl I couldn’t.

Now as I’m watching I’m getting the stink eye from my child, the finger wagging about political correctiveness and making fun of others. Hey I’m laughing with, not at? We all need a good belly laugh being tickled to our core. To be ok with just laughing with others and not announcing retribution for something that was funny then and not now. But ya know what, it is still funny. Trying to take off from a dock still tied when the boom comes down and hits your head. America’s Funniest does it every Sunday.

I think I will finish the show, Green acres is coming on next and I feel like being a kid again. I told my child I will close the curtains and shut the windows so no one sees or hears me laugh. Laughing from the core of my being without reservation of being unkind to anyone.

Sometimes we just need to get out of our heads and not our hearts, have clarity that we are not hurting or harming by watching some good old fashion TV. Hey at least I’m not watching Gun Smoke.

Nighty night. Popcorn anyone and your all welcome.

Conversations (Please Don’t Talk)

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When to talk and when not too that is the question. I wish we had talk buttons and if, and I say it again IF we choose to have an answer we push the button. It really grabs me when someone has to give you an answer whether it was asked for or not.

To converse is to be real but realistically I’m not sure people know how to be real anymore. Yes we open our mouthes, we shut them and in-between we talk. What comes out though is not necessarily productive, sometimes we throw up words that make no sense. We tend to talk to ourselves a lot, I have for sure, yet I tend to talk in private. Open ended conversations with the public at large is not always positive. I just stare in awe when I hear someone answering another’s question without even being apart of the conversation. People who walk by and say something that should never come out of the mouth.

I hear mumblings about dress codes, hairstyle and makeup. Better dressed or underdressed, those who walk alone or with dogs. We seem to have all the answers to someone else’s lifestyle. what’s up with all of that. Hasn’t our parents taught us well? I think that answer in itself can start a whole new conversation. Pleasant conversations are worth all the happiness hearts can muster. Smiles are priceless, worth cannot be measured. Even if one doesn’t approve is it really up to us to determine that? Simply don’t talk. We have become so opinionated that we devalue another by simply speaking when not spoken to.

I hope I have not sinned by bringing this up. This is a conversation I am having in my head and you are privy to listening. I do apologize if I have spoken out of turn yet I don’t.

Next time a conversation happens make sure all eyes are not on you but the ears are in sync to the voices that are speaking.

I Can’t Believe I said Yes (to pie)

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I’m a health nut. Much like a squirrel I like my nuts and seeds, plants and fruits. Why I have chosen to eat pie? Well let me tell you!

I hope that tomorrow is another day because it’s not that this day sucks but it could be up there with some doozies. When I say I lost my dog, got rained on and sang the blues it’s pretty close.

So when I was asked to eat pie I said absolutely. Pie and I don’t get along. Im not very good at dairy and my guts will tell everyone otherwise I’m sure later. Wheat is another of my enemies. I love bread it’s just not all kinds of bread love me. So here I am doing double duty on my precious intestinal tract. I guess I really want to know indigestion.

What could have happened you may be saying that would make me lay down and do something that would make me feel so miserable later? Well, here’s the skinny, yeah not so much, story.

It started out to be an awesome day. Got on my bike had a ride, listened to a great podcast and then STOP! What the heck I thought, why do these podcasts about self worth and dignity have to ruin my day. I’m here in the present, I’m healthy and fit yet wait, that’s not the deal. The deal is more. Well I thought what if I don’t want to give more (HAHA)? What if I want to be lazy, only eat what I want and not give a shit about people? Better yet not care about me? Could I do this, even for a day? I mean lay back and be lack about it all. I stopped my bike got off sat on the grass and laughed out loud. That in itself took me to another level because I did get the reaction I wanted. People began to look at me and wonder what the F? Then I got back on my bike and did a saunter home which took me twice as long. I almost disobeyed the road laws but that I knew better not to do. When I got home I decided to yell at my friend for no reason, ( I filled him in after). Walked in with my shoes on which I never do and cried. Why did I cry, you say, just because I couldn’t go through with my undone day. I did try and not care, not relax and not be mindful. Thats a shame because I thought I could. Not be myself, not give a hoot for once, throw away the podcasts and be real!!!

Well I found out I am real, I do care about myself and I can fall apart and put myself together again. It’s was a good test to try and I’ve decided, I will just go about my everyday routine of smiles, being helpless in the moment and of course trying my best.

So now what? I’m going to back for seconds!

I think It’s time To Go Get Ice Cream

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I think it’s time to go get ice cream. I think we all need a day off. My mind has had enough confrontation from all sides of this debate and it needs a rest. I thought for a minute that I had punctured a brain wave but I think my mind had a fart. I need to know where this is all going and if it’s going south it’s time for a vacation. Instead of getting my head out of the clouds, I want in.

Getting ice cream is a great idea. Put down the cell phones, turn off the media and relax. Go get the kids from school never mind give them a day off too. Head down to the local ice cream shop and scream for the cold stuff in a waffle cone. We all have earned a break. Hell has a lot of fury these days and the thoughts in my head are about to freeze it over.

It’s time to get real and getting real is to slow the F down, face a long awaited reality and say enough. Enough of the B.S. and the fluff stories. To tell the truth should be more than a tv series I’d like to turn it into a reality show.

I think I will close my blinds, turn up the tunes and dance. Then I’m taking everyone out for ice cream. I need a brain freeze.

Peace out people.

Dark Mode

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Dark mode? Light switch. Begin again.

Off, on, day, night. Darkness made visible by adding light.

I can’t see in the dark. I don’t want to be in the dark. Darkness is unsettling.

Turn up the brightness, let the sunshine in. No dark mode, not for me.

This dark mode is popular, you can hide in it. Not me, give me light.

Dark Mode isn’t any different.

Mirror, Mirror (on the wall)

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Mirror, mirror on the wall….

Who are you, I say, who are you today.

What kind of a mirror do I look into? Is it polished and shiny, showing me up, so I can see the perfection of my image? Does it have cracks, places where details are shown to me, Should I feel broken. What if the mirror is old? My body waves back at me from where the wobbles and creases have formed. What do I really look like?

I guess if I ask myself that question I’d have to say I am. I am not the image in the mirror, a reflection of what my mind wants me to see. I am my thoughts, those thoughts that can target my weakness and bloat my worthiness. I think I’d like to be blind to all of that.

Tomorrow I will get rid of my mirrors and go down to the lake and ask the lake who I am.

What If Karma Is Really Real?

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Hey what if, I say? What if.

You know if karma is real we could be all be Fked. Not that we are but what if? I think we would have to change our train of thought because going down the wrong tracks only means a collision. We would have to take the time to sort things out, make sure we have all our ducks in a row before we begin. Could there be flags of different colours reminding us to stop, go and meander awhile or how about just RUN!

If Karma has a say so in what we end up with then I have a need to know. Maybe there’s a book out there we could read and understand the rules of the game before we said yes. When does Karma start? Do we even have a chance? I wonder if Karma began a long time ago before the universe was written, holy hell is how that would be.

I look at my life, the decisions I have made and the stories I have told. Is they’re meaning in this? I don’t know if that would help. Karma and John Lennon, did he know something we don’t. Wow I am doomed if I can’t wrap my head around this.

So much to think about or maybe it’s in the thinking that has messed us up. What if we don’t think if we look for the signs that we see and find wonder in the unbelievable.

Well maybe I will think about this again another time because my pizza is here and I’m hungry.