When In Doubt Bird Watch

ItPhoto by Philippe Donn on Pexels.com

Theres a party going on outside. Through the window I can see a gathering commence. One by one they fly in, nestle down on a ledge and wait. What are they waiting for I wonder? Some drop down onto the Buddha head and perch, others find a branch of a low hanging tree and seem too look directly into the window. Am I the caterer, the seed guy? Maybe they think theres another party inside as they can see their reflection on the pane of glass. More flock down, some red, some brown, some with more black on their wings. I wish I knew bird language maybe I’d be able to find out why they are celebrating.

Someone opens the door and they all fly up in unison. they swirl around and once again landing in different places. The gathering about to commence one starts to sing and they all join in. One by one hopping closer to the window looking in to see if anyone is home. Did I feed them today?

I see the party is about to become diversified. There are 2 black squirrels dancing about to the music the birds are making. We place hidden nuts inside the cement lions on the deck and they are playing hide and seek. The birds are too busy with their own gossip they don’t seem to mind.

My mind is wandering about as I watch and write at the same time. One eye on the screen and one on the scene outside. It’s getting late and I wonder how late they will stay. Will they keep going after dark or is there such a thing as bird curfew? I guess I will find out. Bird watching is a great distraction from the normal, every day multi tasking of the mind. It makes one realize what really is important and is over thinking really a good choice.

So it’s peace out and I will continue to watch the birds until they turn out the lights and find a better place to go until the sun shines again.

Snow Day

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Snow days. No school, great, whose going to watch my kids. Snow days, awesome, how do I get to work. Snow days, yup, the buses aren’t running on all the roads, walking is out of the question. Snow days, snowy days not so much.

We all chant snow at Christmas time for what would it be without the white stuff. We think it’s cool on the west coast to have it snow yet do we really? Snow on the mountain for sure, snow if it’s your day off, bring it on, otherwise stay the heck away. Would we rather have rain? Sometimes unless the wind is howling and the storm drains aren’t plugged. Are we ever happy?

Today is a snow day. I woke up this morning too see it coming down, beautiful I said as I reached for the coffee. Ten minutes later it wasn’t so cool, annoyed I thought now how am I suppose to get out. I may be making it sound like feet yet here by the water, salt water, as it comes down it freezes, snows and freezes again. Caution signs everywhere and roads closed to stop those who can’t drive, not drive.

Snow days, it’s suppose to last a few days then rain is the forecast again for weeks to come. Snow day, whoo-ray, the kids are happy there’s a snow day, and they can bring out the dusty toboggan. Parents do the snow hustle as someone has to be the lucky one and call into work. Businesses close because of no traffic and me I will put on my boots dress warm grab my headphones and head out. Where will I go, hummm, no plan just a walk about, kick snow in the snow day and find place to have coffee. I will listen to the complaints, the drudgery, and the mayhem that comes from the breaking auto glass. I will then head home grab a few blankets and be a couch hog. I will choose to complain about the news and anything else until I decide to make supper. Snow food is there such a thing? Comfort at it’s finest. Call for pizza, not delivery they are snowed in.

Snow days, they are to embraced, snow days they are to be allowed because whose in charge? Mother Nature of course.

No Accident

Photo by Elina Krima on Pexels.com

If there are no mistakes and no accidents then how do I explain it. How does one define probability when it looks like a coincidence. Can we measure something called serendipity by a mathematical equation? Do we just believe.

I don’t seem to have an argument when it comes to explaining how things happen, they just do. So when it comes to the explaining of “there are no mistakes” and it involves something undeniable then how can I say “there are no accidents?

Accidents happen, mistakes are made, I believe that to be a correct statement. Yet to say there is always a reason and that reason being a little on the extraordinary it is not that easy to just shrug it off as” meant to be”. If today were any other day then it would be no mistake that today is today. One is the moment or in “the Now” then it has reason to be believed. Then again if an experience has happened and it’s unbelievable how can I believe? How can I say it happened for a reason?

My reason for bringing this up is arbitrary yet as I say it and then put an action to it, I have found it takes the wind out of the action. You cannot judge, blame or shame another for something meant to happen. If something happened and you believed it happened because there are “no accidents” then it kinda makes it a forward thought. It becomes acceptable and in the process workout-able. We can work on things that are not mistakes, we have to don’t we?

I wake up and see the weather inclement, of course it’s not a mistake even if the weatherman got it wrong. If someone starts a war and it’s said to be no mistake or accident then I would have to take it to another level of thought and find reason for it. There are reasonable explanations, there also is the higher power that does it for our own good. Maybe we just need to start excepting that what is in front of our noses is there to make us aware.

Can we do better? I would hope so. Can we move forward even in times of stalemates? I would hope so. I would hope that on any day when someone of us is faced with a decision and takes the stance that “this is no accident, or mistake” we would have to really think about why. Why not have the patience to understand in a little understood world.

I will not take for granted my accidents, when they may make me think deeper, be more conscious and acknowledge that things are for a reason even if I don’t yet understand.

I choose to live in the moment that something happens, strange or not, take into consideration the process of acknowledging the possibilities for growth and be forward in my thinking. We are small in the bigness of our universe. We are just one link in the chain of command and to survive is up to us.

Peace out and it’s cold outside.

The Learning Curve

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

Learning curves sometimes send you spinning like curve balls. I’m always amazed when I see a pitcher throw one and you hear “Strike”

Learning curves in life of course are so different. These little annoyances come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. I have 10 fingers and just about as many curve balls today. What one does with a learning curve is, well I guess learn. Learning though is not like swinging a bat and then going to tomorrows practice, having one curve ball after another come at you. Life’s learning curves are never understood. They are never anticipated or given in warning. Sometimes you may understand the concept and other times you may be asked, how many times you banged your head trying to figure them out.

Today could have been a day that if I could have maybe I should have never woke up. Not dead kind of not wake up but sleep the learning day away in hopes that the next day it went to the back of the line. It’s night now and I can sit back and reminisce about the day. I can shake my head in wonder of how I got through it and to also acknowledge that next time the learning is not the learner. I don’t think I need to bother you with a long line up of innings although I can give you the wrap up and summary.

I happen to have a condo, about 900 square feet and we have 4 bikes, (All needed for different activities). One bedroom no storage for my unit and although it’s a great space the quest is what does one do? We had them on the ground and up in the air hanging like pictures. It seems we have been moving in for months because this hadn’t been solved. I decided today was the day when I opened my eyes , that once and for all it would be figured out. So coffee in hand, partner lagging behind, I began. We moved the bed from place to place took the bikes off the walls and tried. We agreed and sat, whimpered and argued. Yet we are still alive. We decided to keep them down rearrange the room and find the answer another day. Both of us learned that this curve ball was a great place to debate and to sense what another wanted. That was only the beginning. The rest was for me and like I said I will skip the line and end my story with “last but not least”. I was notified today that I am as good as celiac as anyone can be my sensitivity level is like 99%. (Great, I know and have known yet to get the paperwork it is another curve ball).

So tonights homework is to figure it out. It’s not that I have to start at first base because I am already wheat free and mostly dairy, (I’m lactose too). Gee, talk about functionality, I guess they missed me completely when certain bodily functions were put in place. So internet here I come. We are sitting next to each other, hockey on in the background, no more news, and each searching out the days events. He for a bike stand that will incorporate the bikes and me on recipes for junk food days that are gluten and dairy free. Still smiling and whole in heart learning curves sometimes are of value.

Feel free to send me recipes or bike stands if you want all is appreciated. Peace out people and let those learning curves come but be sure you practice the hit and make it a home run.

Are We Done Yet?

Are we done yet? I mean are we really done yet?

I want to get back to living and not accessing, I want to wander back down the beach with not a care in the world, without a conversation about this or that, if you know what I mean. Yada Yada is all I hear. “Coffee?” “No, have to stay connected to the news!” “Really?”

Let’s head down to the beach and finish the driftwood lean to we started? Maybe if I told you it’s our new bomb shelter you would say yes. I’m so done, done like TV dinners. No more tv time, no more cell phone info at the table, gee look at your plate supper is getting cold. Did you know if we never use our tongues they will just drop out of our mouths? I want to get back to reality. The days of paying bills, choosing clothes and boring gossip that filled my ears way too much. I want to have less time for tv, no chance to catch the interviews and breaking news that block the programs I do like to watch. I want to get the hell out of Dodge. You think this was the wild Wild West once more.

I could stand here all day and give my point of view, that being a waterfront with the ferry going by. I still have the lean to waiting to be finished, oh wait, nope too late the tide just took it away. Just like my freedom to tell the news people to F…ck off and give us some truth. There are animals dying in another country, do we care? There are earthquakes and people without hydro, do we care? There is obesity that is killing our children, do we care?

This is the reality I think we are neglecting. This is the cycle I would like to break. In fact if anyone wants an earful come on down and I will take you to the beach and we can fill our ears with sand, jump into the ocean and let the star fish tickle our feet. No tv, no news no care in the world except for one brief minute we once again feel alive and in love with our selves.

Peace out and have a good night.

p.s. at least tonight I can avoid the news because we have hockey to watch.


lest we forget
Photo by aakash gupta on Pexels.com

Let’s Begin.

To Be starts the subject of the beginning of something we are thinking about. To Be in Being is an action of the Be, (what you may decide according to the information you are mentally receiving.) What comes next may be the action of doing or it may make its way into becoming the reality you are in. Follow me so far. I hope so because when I get into my head this way I’m not sure what may develop.

So now once we are becoming we are getting closer to the idea of the “what it is” and we may produce a sense of result around the Becoming. Our circle is just about complete, as we now begin again to Believe what we are thinking. “Is it real or is it True” may ring a bell in your head, a minuscule second discussion may occur over it or you may just activate a sense that may have you believing it right away. Yet maybe the believing isn’t the jumping off point of my conversation. Maybe I will take the view of two words developed into one and not really meaning too, Be-Leave. So we are or Be at some point in a moment in time, then we begin to believe we are becoming to a conclusion. The next obvious step is to believe we are right in reference to what the thought is then what? Do we stop at believing or do we question the belief and leave?

What do I mean by leave? Be-leave is to keeping going. Don’t stop at the assumption that when you believe it’s the end of the road. It is the beginning all over again. Believe or become the situation, the reality of ” is it true”, or possibly the idea that “not to be true” and once again you be at the beginning.

The road never ends, the truth never revealed, the one who speaks only speaks for themselves. When you come to the end of a road and believe you are there, think again. You may see a new road beginning to form and now you need to believe once again which road to take. Which decision to make on the basis of believing and you be-leave and go off once again in a new thought and a new direction.

I’m in my head. I’m in my heart and I believe it’s time to Be the space in-between, so I can become a believer that keeps on believing the road never ends.

Peace out and enjoy you and don’t forget to just Be once in awhile.


When do we begin to question the questionable?

Do I have the right to question what another does? Is there any reason not to? If I were on a quest to enlighten myself or others would I want to be questioned? Questionable.

The acts of some may be questionable at best, yet is there is a bigger picture? Do we let it play out as someones quest for knowledge, in whatever form it portraits or do we…., that’s the question. How do we question someone, how do we not judge another for their own improprieties, how can we handle the acceptance of another’s bad taste in answers?

Do I have the right to be wrong? Questionable. How do I learn if I can’t question? Questionable. How do we learn from mistakes made when it involves more than us. One person, one single mistake, is a way to improve oneself, if it’s a singleton’s journey to purpose. One persons decision to improvise their questionable tastes and it involve others, questionable. A quest has a beginning and it has an end. A quest is a journey to enlighten a soul to be of value. It is not a contest of bigger chests.

Why do I quest for a question? Questionable. Why do I care? I care because I do. I don’t believe in being a shame’r. I don’t do blaming if I can somehow understand the root of the behaviour. I try to be in acceptance because I may be wrong. Judgement is for the insane, not my thing. I would like truth to ring true, to hear the story for all its worth and understand that the quest was for the right reasons because the ending is worthy of the author.

No answer can come from my quest and for me that in itself is questionable. It will play out as it does and then the question will always be answered. That is undeniable.

Peace out and tonight I am humble.