Did You put your Hand Up?

Did you put your hand up? You were asked a question, did you ty to answer it? Hesitation. You thought about it first, did you put your hand up anyways? There are no wrong answers. You quest for information can only give you the right answers, you know. The art of putting your hand up […]

Breakfast Time, Whats On The Menu

How do you start your day? What gives you grace, gratification? Do you fuel your body ¬†with nutrition? Is it a blender of positive thought? Do you fuel your mind with the same? What gives you vitality? Are you sane? Do you believe in the universe? The greater supplier of life and advice. Does the […]

Have An Open Conversation With Yourself

Try having an open conversation with yourself? What does this look like. How does it make you feel. Pen to paper, feelings into thought say what is true and not truth. A truth that I can be self extended from past experience but yet from a place you haven’t traveled to yet. Honesty is sometimes […]